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Anti-Feminism Isn't Anti-Women

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

One of the main arguments that feminists like to use against anti-feminists is that if they oppose feminism then they also oppose women's rights. They seem to think that there is no possible way that women could ever want equality if they are against the movement. Other than the fact that feminists use the same arguments over and over, this one has to be the most ridiculous. It also has to be the least logical. Obviously there aren't many people actually gunning to take away the rights of women (feminist or not). Though it can be argued that the conservative party is huge on abortion law and rights, those laws usually never pass or are quickly overturned by the supreme court. Roe VS Wade has had it's issues but it has never actually been overthrown. It's just been modified over and over.

Feminists seem to have some sort of blind spot for seeing the equal rights that they actually do have. Certain things that were signed into law, like the equal pay act of 1963, have never been threatened. No one has tried to get that bill modified or even repealed. My point being, that once women had these rights, no one has come in and even threatened to take them away. Feminists behave as if any second people will start stripping women of their rights and they will end up back in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. I have yet to see any group really try to actively overthrow women's rights. ANY Group.

It cannot be denied there may be radical factions of MRAs or other groups who want things like that, but for the most part even MRAs aren't behaving on the level of feminists. MRAs with as extreme as they can get, haven't managed to pass biased laws that favor men. Feminists, however, have been able to get a lot of laws passed that only favor women. Feminists have been able to get things changed and signed into law just by the sheer number of them screeching about how unfair something is. Laws like yes mean yes, and other legal models like the Duluth model exist BECAUSE of feminism and feminist theory. The law that defines rape was heavily influenced by feminism in the US until 2012 and in the UK the definition is still governed by feminists and their theories.

If anything, according to what feminists have done legally and the laws they have gotten passed, they are the ones trying to take away rights from men. It's definitely not the other way around. The idea that because people are against a movement, one that is no better than a religious cult by this point, because they want to strip women of their rights is ridiculous. Who in their right mind would willingly fight against their own freedom. No one. Women who are anti-feminist aren't doing it because they don't want or don't like equality. They are doing it because they are logical and critical thinkers and can more than see that (in the first world at least) equality has been met. Since feminists don't give a damn about third world women, beyond using them as poster children for why they need feminism, it's time for them to realize that no one is fighting to take away their rights. What we are actually trying to stop is feminists taking away the rights of men.