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Without Feminism I Wouldn't Know My True Feelings

Anti-Feminism, Social MediaMonica EdwardsComment

The other day on twitter a feminist tagged me and only wrote one word "Idiot". I responded back to her and asked her why I was an idiot. She asked me why I was anti-feminist. I gladly provided for her a link to a blog post I did on here not too long ago that explains why I am not a feminist. It's not even a long one but it does have sources. Links to why wage gap and rape culture don't exist and the like. She said she wasn't going to read it because she doubted it would expand her mind. I told her at least she admitted she was a bitch up front, because she wasn't going to read what I had to say even after asking for my opinion. Then this happened:

On top of admitting to being a bitch, she also tacks on the fact that if I cannot put my entire opinion on an extremely complicated argument in 140 characters I probably don't understand what my opinion is. Even after doing just that (telling her I didn't like feminism because it was no more than first world problems for privileged white women) she STILL didn't respond. She continued to taunt me, saying I must be 14 years old and then started to demand more sources to PROVE that feminists are violent, hateful monsters. I did just that. I got her several different links to news articles and YouTube videos. Things from my resources page which include information on the wage gap hoax, rape culture being debunked, and the 1 in 4 sexual assault statistic being bullshit. She wouldn't look at those either.

This isn't exactly a rare phenomenon with feminists, especially on social media. They are very quick to demand proof and then in the same breath dismiss this proof. I have plenty of sources, far more than just what's on my resources page (which I admit badly needs to be updated). However, why even bother? I know I'll keep on doing it and I'll keep providing these sources but the majority of them don't even look, read, or listen to what anyone has to say if they already know it will hurt their feelings. Just like a week ago the feminist who confronted me and told me I was wrong but then admitted she didn't even watch my video, what exactly do they think they are proving?

I know that on the occasion that I demand a source (which I have in the past) I will read it. If I'm wrong then I will say I was wrong. Unfortunately 99% of the time the sources I get are tumblr blogs or Jezebel or some other biased news source that in no way proves any sort of facts. Have I been proven wrong by a feminist? Yes I have. I have also admitted openly that I was wrong. It's just very rare that anything like this happens. I'm not like them, I'll admit the error of my ways in the face of scientific fact.

These girls who constantly fight on twitter and tumblr are all about providing their own opinions (or the opinions of others) as their sources. Then they have the nerve to tell me I don't understand my own opinion if I can't type it up in 140 characters. As I always say, I'm a writer, not a tweeter. Twitter is a place for the stupider people who can't run an actual blog to go. They don't have much to say and they are aware of it, so they tweet their ignorance to the entire universe. It's a sad state of affairs when I am able to provide 6 or 7 different sources, a feminist provides 0, and then decides that she some how "won" the debate and blocks me.

If you are going to ask for sources, you look at them. If you are going to demand proof, read your damn proof. By refusing to look at what your movement is currently doing, and instead opting to insult the people trying to educate you, you aren't recruiting new members you are just proving them right. Every single time I come across a feminist like this, it makes me hate feminism even more. It doesn't make me want to join them.