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If Everything Is Rape, Then Nothing Is Rape

Anti-Feminism, RapeMonica Edwards1 Comment

Not too long ago I was looking around the internet at feminist blogs and I came across this picture. Consent is more than yes. This really hurt the logic center of my brain. What does that even mean? Consent is exactly that. Saying yes. Then I remembered, oh wait, I'm looking at a feminist blog. Yes only means yes when they want it to mean yes. Ten seconds later yes can mean no.

I tell you, it can't be more confusing for a young man these days, especially in college. There are feminists who assure everyone that false rape accusations are rare when it seems like they aren't rare. It turns out in a study done a while back, false rape accusations come up at about 8%. That is more than the 2% that feminists will tell you, and since that study was done, authorities now places it even higher. Incorrect graphics circulate and even the owner decided she's not going to correct the information because "Oops the wrong one already went viral". This is a HUGE problem. There is actual rape hysteria on college campuses now. Not because women are actually being raped but because of the male students who fear they will be falsely accused and kicked out.

Another huge problem these days is what even constitutes as rape/sexual assault. Some feminists think that it's when you regret a night of sex. Some feminists think it's because you just got out of a horrible relationship and need ammo against your ex:

Some feminists think that it's if a man changes positions on you during consensual sex. There are even feminists who think that telling a rape joke releases a chemical in a man's brain telling him to rape. Feminists have even lost their shit over a man inviting a woman to his room for coffee. They acted like this man must have been some sort of rapist and it was a good thing she didn't take him up on the offer.

Other than the fact that feminists routinely only spout statistics about FEMALE victims as MANY of them believe men cannot be raped by women, they have taken the definition of rape and twisted it until it means anything they want it to mean. How far is this going to go? There's switch rape and stare rape and catcalling and even fantasizing about a woman without her consent is now rape. Everything is rape to them. It's like at every corner of every street everyone wants to rape them. And god forbid no one wants to rape them because then you get these feminists:

You will have feminists whine about how ugly they must be if they've never been sexually assaulted or harassed yet many of them think rape is worse than murder at the same time. They constantly discount actual stories from actual survivors, much like this idiot:

And then have no concept of why due process is actually necessary in processing a CRIME. Any crime at all. Whether it be rape or theft or murder. They very up front admit that they want to take the law into their own hands. They don't care how much proof there is. If a woman says she was raped then she wasn't lying and how DARE you question her. Yet, if a man says a woman raped him, lets question it up and down and laugh in his face. Make a public spectacle of him and then debate if it really happened or if it was a cry for attention or not.

This day and age, everything a WOMAN wants to be rape is rape. EVERYTHING. Jokes, looks, noises, fantasies, video games, name it. If a woman says it was raped or she was raped then the whole world falls down to coddle her feelings. I am an actual survivor of rape, my stories have been discounted by feminists REPEATEDLY (including being told to go DIE for telling them that they were overreacting). The thing is, they are all overreacting. They are forcing results with biased studies, they are putting out faulty statistics and not giving a damn, and they are making the entire universe cater to them even if they are lying. If everything is rape then nothing is rape. Why they are so intent on trivializing this issue I have no idea, and it doesn't look like it's about to stop any time soon. That's the worst part of it.