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I Want Equality, Feminism Doesn't, Stop Including Me!

Monica Edwards3 Comments

One of the biggest issues I have with feminism is the fact that feminists will bend over backwards and do some weird logic gymnastics in order to include everyone possible into their group. There are so many quotes about how you are a feminist, you just don't know it yet. Things like:

Do you believe in equality between the sexes? Congratulations! You're a feminist!

The problem is, that isn't even close to the definition of feminism. The definition of their own movement is the battle for WOMEN TO BE EQUAL. It's a movement SPECIFICALLY FOR WOMEN'S RIGHTS. Nowhere in the definition does it say "equality for everyone" it just says FOR WOMEN and that they will keep going until women are equal. Feminists these days fail to realize that not only have they gotten equality but they surpassed men in many ways. Since they have achieved this then what they need to do, is either go to third world countries and help women who actually need help OR they need to stop.

Time and again when I ask a feminist what rights men have that she doesn't I don't get an answer. At all. Usually after that it's an insult, or I'm told to use google. A lot of times I get the response "if you have to ask you'll never know and I'm not going to tell you." This is a HUGE problem, even more so than feminists trying to cram everything with a vagina into their movement whether they want to be in it or not. I can't tell you how many times I've had a feminist try to explain to me that if I want equality for everyone then "Like it or not you're a feminist". When No. I am not. Look at that definition up there, tell me were it says EQUALITY FOR EVERYONE. It says advocating women's rights so they can become equal to men. WHICH THEY ARE.

It's as if these feminists are trapped in the 1800's or even before that. Way before that. When women were basically breeding machines and sold as property. The things they complain about most these days are non existent problems. The wage gap, rape culture, the 1 in 4 women being raped in college shit...NONE OF THIS IS EVEN REAL! Then you have the completely made up problems of the great male patriarchy in America and the whole manspreading bullshit. It's like they didn't even bother to open a history book or look at Google. On a tumblr blog one feminist proudly posted this:

This, right here, is a huge part of the problem. This feminist gets most of her news from tumblr, the website where truth goes to die. The website that will tell you that Mozart was a black man and there's no way to ever know the truth! About Beethoven either! The website that went insane thinking that you can make a bar of chocolate infinite because of a gif. The website that held a whole fucked up convention known as dashcon. The place that thinks Mike Brown is innocent and Elliot Rodger only killed women. This website is a massive pile of misinformation and these people NEVER VENTURE FAR FROM THERE. If they do, it's only to go to their other echo chamber on Twitter or to masturbate over how great Anita Sarkeesian is on youtube.

I am sick and tired of being included in the feminist group for believing in the actual definition of equality. Which means actually wanting people to be equal. I also recognize that in a biological sense men and women can never be equal AND THAT'S OKAY! The whole point that humanity should be trying to get to is judging people on behavior. Not race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any other physical or spiritual beliefs. If we could all just get to a place where we agree to treat other people as they treat us then we'd get along fine. Feminism doesn't want that. Feminism wants all women to be right all the time, regardless of what they are saying. They want women to be above the law. They want women to be completely in charge. They think that "culling the herd of cishet males" would make this world a better place.

Yet they will still spout on and on about "If you are a woman who wants equality then you are a feminist". It's almost as if they KNOW how badly they are losing this battle and need to rope every last soldier into their dying cause. Stop calling me a feminist because I am female. Stop including me in your hive mind. Stop saying that because I'm not feminist I'm against women's rights, ugly, or am only doing it to please a man. You are all a bunch of ignorant cows who can't step outside of your little think chambers for one second to realize that you've already fucking won! Either go help the women who actually NEED help or shut up already!