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The Feminist Definiton Of Equality

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

The feminist definition of equality is not the actual reality of the word. As in, it's not what non-feminists would define the word as. It's easy enough to see this anyway as they believe that the definition of feminism alone means the fight for equality. When you look at the definition you immediately see that no, it does not. Unless you are a feminist, then you some how become blind or illiterate.

As anyone with a brain or the ability to think logically can see, the very definition of feminism isn't about equality. The focus is on getting women equal rights. Which I agree with, women should have equal rights. Feminism actually would be a good thing if women weren't equal. Of course I speak of first world women. You know, the women most likely to complain about oppression even though they aren't oppressed. Women who for some reason think that because a guy can walk around shirtless and they can't, they are in some kind of patriarchal nightmare. Those kinds of women. Third world countries are in bad need of a feminist movement but feminists do not want to help them. This harkens back to what I said about them declaring oppression is not a competition. It's a way for them to get out of doing any actual hard work.

The equal pay act was signed by JFK in 1963. It has not been modified, ratified, or overturned. This never changed. Women make equal wages. Bar none. The studies that show that women are paid less are either completely biased or not done entirely accurately. Usually the feminist studies do not take into account hours worked, years of experience, or any other type of variable. They take male doctors and female doctors and look at salaries, which is not the correct way to do the wage gap study. There is no denying that there are shitty companies and people who may discriminate but if you can prove this is done based on your gender, well it's illegal and you have a lawsuit. Most of the time what it comes down to is a woman assumes this is the reason and doesn't look into the full story.

Since women are free to get an education, hold jobs, earn money, property, vote, and basically decide anything they want, then they are completely equal to men. If anything, at this point, women are above men. Men are required to sign up for the draft when they turn 18. Meaning that at any time the army could call them and tell them they are going to go to war. Women are not required to do this. Never have been. There hasn't been a draft since the Vietnam war but that doesn't mean there won't ever be another one.

Men also have almost no recourse to stop a woman from aborting a child they are the father to, and the father of a child doesn't need to be present to consent  to sign off on adoption. It depends on the situation. Even if a man tries to stop an adoption the courts get to decide if the baby can be his or not. He doesn't automatically get his child by default.  If a mother wants to give her child up for adoption the father doesn't even have to be informed of this. He has no consent to his own child even if he wants it. Men have spent countless dollars and years trying to find their children. Men also, by law, have to pay child support. Even if they weren't informed that this child existed for 10 years, even if the child isn't theirs. If they refuse to pay, they can have their wages docked or even go to jail.  Women even know this to a point they will get pregnant on purpose to profit or trap a man into a relationship. Would anyone say this is men being treated equally?

With laws like these on the dockets, once that are clearly biased towards women, how on earth could a feminist these days think that she's not equal? Women are superior, treated far better, and taken more seriously. Things that feminists say and get praise for have been debunked numerous times and yet people still applaud them. The feminist definition of equality is not actual equality. They may claim that's what they are fighting for, but what they are really fighting for is superiority. They attained equality decades ago when feminists enabled women to be able to have their own bank accounts in 1973. There has been some struggles since then but for the most part it's shitty people doing shitty things, not an entire institution. The feminists aim to far surpass men and make sure to reverse their rights, all under the guise of calling it equality. The real political movement advocating equality is called egalitarian or humanitarian. There is no gender biased pronouns. It's time to stop calling feminism a fight for equality when it's clearly become a fight for domination.