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Feminists Terrified Of Clapping

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

A few days ago this tweet was posted about how people shouldn't clap at this women's convention thing because it may be triggering. Instead they all want to do jazz hands because that's far less moronic looking than clapping. Though I am waiting for some asshole to step up and claim jazz hands are triggering for whatever reason. 


This is feminism now. A movement that was once all about empowering women, has now become about catering to and enabling fears of them. In all honesty I had to check if this was a troll thing because it was so slap in the face stupid. No, it's not. It's a real thing that real feminists have really brought up. What ever happened to "take back the night" and yelling SHUT THE FUCK UP violently at anyone who disagreed with you in a calm manner? I once again remind you that this is the movement we are taking more seriously than many of the others right now. These are the people we are listening to about sexism in movies, TV, and video games. The people who are so terrified of a round of applause that they need to ask people to move their hands around like morons in order to avoid triggering anyone.  

Look, I know that it's very possible maybe one or two people are ACTUALLY triggered by clapping. However, triggers (or having them) have become the newest feminist trend. Slap on a nice psychological problem as a fashion statement cause it's loads of fun. As someone who actually had triggers (or trigger words) I find the fact that people like to claim to have them annoying and obnoxious. Mostly because if you are actually triggered by something, the last thing you want is to tell everyone what it is. You want to function normally and overcome your problem.

I just the other day asked my roommate if I ever told him not to use certain words in front of me. The words that used to be my trigger words. He said that it had never come up in conversation. Which would be my point. I never once asked anyone not to use my trigger words. One, because I found it insanely embarrassing that a word could cause a severe panic attack, and for two, I knew if I was ever NOT going to be triggered I was going to have to learn to hear those words over and over again. This is what people who have actual trigger words do. They learn to cope, they don't ask the universe to be psychic.  

These days it's really hard to tell who actually has triggers and who is wearing them like a new hat. What people (espeically feminists) do is call a word they don't like a trigger. Any word that slightly offends them is "triggering" which is not the same thing. If you hear a word and it strikes fear into your heart, TRIGGERS flashbacks, induces panic and anxiety, that's a trigger word. If you hear a word and you feel kind of icky or you just don't like that word, then it is NOT a trigger word. However, like most other things on social media right now, the phrase has been bastardized and over used because it's popular thing to do. I imagine some feminist at some point heard the phrase, completely misunderstood what it meant, and started to spread it around. Kind of like what the definition of rape has become, or the dumb phrase "internalized misogyny".  

So now, we have a bunch of people, running conventions, dictating what should and shouldn't be in video games, and passing stupid anti-rape laws like yes means yes but they can't even handle the round of applause they'd get from other feminists for their hard work? This group that used to be all about making women stronger and more independent has now become about creating safe places (no more than echo chambers) for women so the reality of the outside universe doesn't frighten them too much. Even worse, THEY ARE STILL BEING TAKEN SERIOUSLY! People are listening to these whiny babies more than they are listening to the opposition. The sane adult women who are sitting at home every day going "WHAT THE FUCK?" The media denies any sort of rebuttal towards the feminist movement which is constantly pimped out as the best thing since sliced bread. 

As an anti-feminist it couldn't be more frustrating to watch a bunch of weak, simpering, idiotic, girls get so much praise for being cowards. Feminism is so loud and in your face angry, that usually you are assumed feminist until proven otherwise. These people are representing my gender and are roping me into their bullshit. I constantly have to be vocal about how much I don't like feminism because believe it or not I've been labeled "one of those feminist types" before I could even speak thanks to the fact that I'm a woman. This crap needs to stop, and I speak as someone who had actual triggers and overcame them. STOP ACTING LIKE FUCKING BABIES AND GROW A DAMN SPINE PLEASE!