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Feminist Daycare Centers (AKA Safe Spaces)

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

The fact that feminists keep demanding their own safe spaces, creating their own safe spaces, and complaining that no safe spaces exist just for them, is very telling of how horrible their movement actually is. Take the topic at hand first, feminism. What have we learned it is, currently? It's basically a hate movement that thrives on a hive mind mentality of misinformation and propaganda. It creates a fictional problem (patriarchy) and blames everything on that. Feminists are in no way responsible for any of their actions or behavior because it was the white, cishet male that made them behave in whatever way they are behaving. A man invented tampons, so now it's the fault of all men that they are no-biodegradable and ruining the environment. Things like that.  

When they are confronted with the thing they hate most, logic, they scream that they are triggered and demand you get out of their "safe space" usually some sort of publig tag on social media. They utilize social media to put up all of their vile thoughts, then are some how surprised when people see these thoughts, and then challenge them with the reality of the universe. They are so threatened by the real world they demand an echo chamber where their thoughts will not be challenged. Where their feelings cannot be hurt. Feminists who want these sorts of things have more than proven they also do not wish to live in the real world.  

Personally, as an adult, I'd rather own up to my own mistakes and problems than create a boogeyman. With what feminists do, blaming things on the patriarchy, it's like a 5 year old would do. Blame something on an imaginary friend. Certainly they didn't spill the juice, it was their invisible friend patriarchy that did it. We need to punish patriarchy instead of them because they are innocent in all of this. Sometimes, it's not that patriarchy did this itself, but patriarchy MADE them do it. Kind of like how they need feminism because they don't like being FORCED to "dance to sexy music" in clubs or watch "sexist" TV shows (that usually aren't at all sexist). Those erotic Halloween costumes that are mandatory every year certainly are enforced by the patriarchy not at all a choice that a woman can make.  

The problem here, is that at the same time feminists are demanding these safe spaces, trigger warnings, and little "daycare centers" (like the one recently instituted at Brown University) they are also getting taken seriously. It's as if the entire world is blind to what they are doing. They are very openly acting like little children and the rest of the world can't wait to bend over backwards to make them feel safe. To coddle their irrational fears of something that isn't even happening. If schools were to pour money into "safe rooms" for people who honestly thought there was about to be an apocalypse, or people who were convinced that aliens were about to invade everyone would balk in annoyance. Yet some how, for some reason, feminists are being catered to when it's more than obvious how they operate at this point. 

Feminists have a good thing going for them, they can blame all their actions and problems on men and this fictional patriarchy AND be taken seriously. They never have to grow up, never have to leave their child mentality behind, and go on to cash in on it as professional victims. This whole problem is getting worse, not better. With how overly politically correct this world is becoming, for fear of being labeled with a bad name, we aren't making things better.

 Equality is about being treated equally. It's about accountability and it's about responsibility. If you cannot be held accountable, and own up to your problems and mistakes, how can anyone expect you to be resposible enough to behave like an adult?  

The men and women who point out that this is a problem get constant backlash, hate, even death threats but all we are doing is telling the truth. All we are doing is saying, "Hey wait a minute, these feminists don't even subscribe to reality" and now, with these demands for "safe spaces" it's more clear than ever. The egalitarians, MRAs, and other anti-feminists will once again be swept under the rug to cater to these overgrown children. There's very little to be done about it, but each day we sink further and further away from equality and more into a matriarchy. How far will we allow this to go before it's too late?