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The Feminist Hate Relationship With Barbie

Anti-Feminism, Body ImageMonica Edwards1 Comment

Recently my girlfriend sent me a link to a youtube video called "Average Is Beautiful". Basically some very white knight male feminist heard what female feminists were saying about Barbie and created an average (and ugly) looking doll for girls to play with. The belief behind this is that Barbie FORCES girls to hate their bodies and gives them unrealistic expectations to achieve. This isn't the first or last complaint by feminists that Barbie is fucking up society but they have it completely wrong. Barbie is a fantasy, it's fun for young girls to play with a beautiful doll. Pretty hair, eyes and makeup. It's using ones imagination and being something they currently aren't (like an adult woman with a dream car and a dream house). Barbie is not detrimental to society nor is she teaching girls anything bad.

If Barbie teaches girls stuff, it's that they can be anything they want. Over the years Barbie has had many different careers and play sets, even when those careers were mostly attributed to men. Barbie is not only beautiful and has it all, but she can also be and do anything she wants. There is nothing about Barbie that specifically states that she has to be some dumb bimbo who only sits in her dream house at all times. Feminists hate her though, they have always hated her. I suppose that it's mostly due to bitter resentment that no men wants a screaming, misandrist harpy, so instead of taking personal responsibility for their own behavior they go about blaming something else.

This "Average Is Beautiful" Doll sends a pretty bad message to children. It's basically saying there is no point to fantasizing that you will ever be more than Average. It's saying that it's not okay to have fun with fantasies because realism is your best option. It's teaching girls not to create or think of a damn thing other than extreme mediocrity. Though it's some what admirable that someone is doing this, because I agree, there is pressure put on young girls to look a certain way I also do not believe Barbie of all things is any sort of the problem.

The actual problem is the society wide mentality that women need to look a certain way. Girls are bombarded with constant images of perfect women. On TV, in music videos, in advertisements. It's not a fucking doll that is causing these problems. It's Hollywood and celebutards like Kim Kardashian. Actual, real, walking talking bimbos and Hollywood movie executives who are constantly pimping out the idea of a perfect woman using photoshop to trick people into thinking someone can be perfect.

Here's a good example:

This is Olivia Wilde. I use her as my example because I actually had a few friends lose their mind over OMG WHY CAN'T I BE AS PERFECT AS HER JFC I'M SO HIDEOUS AND SHE'S SO PERFECT! This is what she looks like on any average day. There isn't anything wrong with her, I won't call her fat or ugly but she's basically short and kind of squatty and general "girl next door" nothing overtly special about her walking some dogs. If she wasn't famous then you probably wouldn't look twice at her because this is pretty average. However, look at her in magazines.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 4.20.02 PM.png

Add gallons of make up, airbrushing, lighting, photoshop, slim down her thighs and arms a bit, do her hair, tell her how to stand, and give her the appearance of being much taller than she actually is...what do you have? You have a stark contrast to what she really is. This is done for far more people than just Olivia Wilde and  you damn well all know what I'm talking about. This is constantly in ads, constantly in movies, constantly on TV. This is the image we are sending out to girls all the time and we want to blame a doll? But time and again feminists attack Barbie as one of the HUGE reasons why they have insecurities.

This was left as a comment to something I said in the video explaining the "Average Is Beautiful" Doll. A girl insisting that Barbie INSISTED that she be a certain way growing up:

"Well Lammily is a realistic doll, shes pretty skinny (normal skinny not alien-skinny like Barbie) and she teaches children to live a healthy life. If only these were on the shelves when i was 5 I wouldve had different expectations when i was growing up. I expected to have large breasts like Barbie those big sparkly eyes and also a very thin,perfect figure with big assets and tanned skin. Yes, i grew up expecting myself to be as perfect as Barbie. But now children can be growing up expecting to be like Lammily, which is actually possibe, if u keep a healthy lifestyle.Thats why when boys tell me "I want a perfect girl (Literally describes a barbie and not a real girl)" I'd say "Go buy a Barbie" I hope soon that Lammily would be on the shelves internationally soon, so girls would be looking up to a realistic girl, whom they can achieve to be as."

I had many friends who played with Barbie as a child, I myself wasn't all that interested in her, but the point is I never heard any of my friends talk about either wanting to be Barbie or having to be like Barbie. We recognized it for what it was, a fucking TOY.

Feminists direct their hate at the wrong things. Obviously there are plenty of feminists upset with ad campaigns and how women are fake looking, but the things they actually do stuff about are the harmless things. Barbie has very little to do with any sort of pressures placed on a little girl. It's time to start tackling the real issues here if you are going to pretend to even care about body image being an issue (which it's not nearly as big of an issue as they claim as I discuss here).

My point is, Barbie is a toy. She's escapism. She's no more harmful than playing as a sexy character in a video game or reading a fantasy story about a sexy woman. She's not enforcing any bad ideas onto children. Oh and, by the way, average isn't beautiful. Average is just average. Not everyone can be beautiful. That's just how the world works. Why force a girl to settle for the lowest possible expectations and make them bitter at a young age? Feminism can do that to them when they grow up. Until then, let them have fun and stop pushing your stupid and misplaced agenda on children's toys.