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Humor Is Subjective, I Don't Care If You're Offended

Anti-Feminism, HumorMonica EdwardsComment

Recently I (and many others) have noticed a growing trend. One where people believe that because something offends them they have a right to put an end to it. We all know by now about Anita Sarkeesian and her crusade against video games, but there is far more than that. Feminists constantly trying to explain what jokes people can and can't tell. What jokes are funny and what jokes are offensive. Most people know what jokes are offensive when they tell them, and most people don't care that the jokes are offensive. The key to all of this is that it's a joke. Humor is subjective and what Joe Average finds funny in one instance Joe Public may not find funny. It doesn't matter. There's no reason to get upset over this at all.

People wave the "I'M OFFENDED" card as if it should matter. The problem is that these days those stupid claims are being taken seriously instead of being ignored. A few years ago one woman went on some dumb crusade to convince the world that a college mascot promoted rape and she demanded it be changed. Obviously this was a feminist rant, is anyone surprised? It personally offended her very badly to a point where there was even a petition with very few backers. Hell very "insightful" articles were written in support of her with genius statements like:

What people don't know kills girls and women everyday.

Why in the universe would anyone take a claim like that seriously? Especially since she seemed to be the MAIN source of the complaint and not many other people were backing her up? One idiotic feminist is offended and she gets national attention for a mascot which, by the way, looks like this:

Now I don't know if this woman has ever seen a husky in real life but they basically all look like this. In real life. Does she get some sort of PTSD rape flashback any time she sees a picture of a husky? What about any dog? Shouldn't we just ban all dogs now too? Because I mean hell she's SO OFFENDED IT IS PAINFUL to her.

I know that this particular incident wasn't a joke someone told, but the situation is a joke. The reality of the idea that people now cater to others being offended, that's hilarious. What ever happened to ignoring things you didn't like? Not listening to comedians you didn't find funny? Finding material that is more to your tastes to enjoy? Why does the world need to petition and complain and sue everyone because "OMG MY FEELINGS WERE HURT?" Here's someone who even got offended over a quote about how people shouldn't get so easily offended!

I tell a lot of jokes people don't get or don't like. I share a lot of things I personally find funny with my friends. If my friends do not like my jokes I don't care. The most they will get out of me is "Screw you, that's funny" and then the issue is gone. Yet these days I have people actually trying to convince me that things I don't find funny are funny. Why? Do you not get the concept of humor and that everyone sees things differently? Do you not realize you can't force someone to find something funny if they don't already find it funny? Why should I give a shit that something offends you whether it was intended as a joke or not?

Being offended is 100% harmless. It will not kill you, it will not physically injure you, it will not damage you. There are no long term consequences of being offended other than people wanting to rid you from their life. The feeling of offense can be such a damn wasted emotion. There is no reason to get overly upset over trivial things. I will agree that, yes, on occasion there is a basis in reality for these emotions. Sometimes, on the odd occasion I do think people have every right to be offended over certain situations. As of late, though, these situations people are offended by are getting more and more absurd. We keep bending over backwards to please the offended. This doesn't teach them anything but if they whine enough they will eventually get their way. We've taken it far enough. It's time to put our foot down and tell it like it is. I don't give a damn if you are offended by anything I say or do. If you have a problem take it up with my butt cause he's the only one who gives a crap.

(Yes that last line is a reference to Family Guy)