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Quite Possibly The Dumbest Feminist On Twitter:

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On twitter I run into my fair share of morons but this girl had to be in the top ten. Other than the girls who constantly tell me that I must only be anti-feminist to attract a man, we have the other kinds. The ones that refuse to look at or read sources (and in many cases deny you even sent them) and then offer up their own bullshit sources as a rebuttal. Sources which are always easily debunked because feminist sources are based on feelings and propaganda not on any sort of reality.  

Feminist @JaneJanss sent me a tweet about a video I did (Dangerous signs Feminism Is a Cult) and told me that my arguments were invalid. I asked her what specifically was invalid and we'd start there. Jane then goes on to tell me that I was wrong about wage gap being a myth. She parotted the 77 cents on a dollar ideology and then talked about how the equal pay act was blocked by the GOP. Two things which are not reality, they are typical feminist faux statistics.  

I sent her back an article by Christina Hoff Sommers discussing the wage gap and debunking it. Sommers is a respected woman and very accurate in the things she researches and says. She's been doing this for a long time and her credibility is through the roof. I told her I had 100 sources on why wage gap isn't a thing and I could send them. I asked her what issue she had next? She then admitted to not watching the entire video but still somehow knew I was wrong. I told her she's the reason I hate feminists.

Just to be clear, though I will never identify as a feminist myself, I do respect Hoff Sommers and all she's doing to try to change third wave feminism. However, most feminists hate her, like this girl I was arguing with who called the article "pathetic" after I'm sure she didn't read all of it since she can't watch one of my videos. She then linked me to a video and I told her that she should watch m video in its entirety before I was going to watch one of her feminist propaganda videos. She replies that "John Oliver is a very respected and trustworthy news source blah blah blah". I look at the link she sent me and it was a clip from The Daily Show. 

Now, The Daily Show isn't a 100% credible news source. Though they do talk about real events enough that people watching it are pretty accurately informed, they are also a comedy show. They are more editorial than actual news. I wouldn't call them 100% false but I will say that a comedian working on The Daily Show is less valid than someone like Christina Hoff Sommers. I laughed in her face over this. The sheer nerve of her to actually try to "debunk" what I said with a segment from a comedy show is pathetic.  

When she still wouldn't agree with the first article I sent her, I sent her 3 more. One from TIME magazine, one from The Washington Post, and one from Forbes. All of which debunk the wage gap myth. I could potentially get far more than that but I knew she wasn't going to read them anyway. Which she didn't. She went on to taunt me about how my sources were incorrrect and that I was the stupid one. Apparently me having enough brains to know how to read scientific data makes me dumb. I told her she wasn't going to indoctrinate me into her hate movement but thanked her for sending me tweets because I would be talking about her in my next video that she won't watch.  

If you think conversations like this are a rare occurance, they aren't. This feminist, @JaneJanss was a shining star in ignorance, but many feminists argue the same way. It's why I have a video called "How to debate like a feminist". The same tactics, the same statistics, the same propaganda and faulty percentages. All of them are always the same. They never bring any new facts to the discussion. It's all about their feelings, and paranoia that someone is doing them wrong and blah blah blah patriarchy. Girls like this are not only pathetic but they terrify me. To think of how easily these women are brainwashed gives me a headache. I just hope that one day she grows up and realizes how moronic she's being but I highly doubt it.

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Actual Twitter Conversation With @JaneJanss: