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"Oppression is NOT a competition" -- Internet Feminists

I've heard this numerous times over the past few days. Feminists really like to shout this when certain topics are brought up. For example, there is a post floating around twitter about actual oppression that third world women face, and it compares it to the completely fabricated oppression first world feminists crow about. That picture has gotten a lot of hate, including several feminists trying to remind everyone that oppression is not a competition. Yet, who says that unless they are actually losing

Consider this. There are really only two options that they have to recognize when these topics are brought up. One is that they actually believe that their level of perceived oppression is equal to what third world women face (such as: sexism in video games vs not being able to leave the house without a man) OR they are aware that they aren't oppressed at all. If it's the former, then they are delusional and irrational creatures, if it's the latter they are in complete denial. The thing is, they are desperate for people not to realize how easy they have it where they live. 

With feminism these days it is really hard to tell which way they do think. Of course when people point out their statistics are false they are very quick to defend them. Even if they have no real sources other than their own fears and feelings to back it up. They have turned oppression into a competition all by themselves. They are the ones who are forcing biased, completely unscientific studies to support their claims. They are the ones doing meaningless and incorrectly gathered surveys in order to prove they are winning this oppression race. There would be no need to do this if they actually were oppressed because the evidence would speak for itself. Kind of like how it's incredibly easy to find 100 sources disproving wage gap for every single source they find to prove it. The information to disprove everything they say is easily within reach. A thirty second internet search or just using common sense would dictate what they are saying is a lie. 

It's like they want it to be a competition, while at the same time convincing everyone it's not. To think that every kind of "oppression" is equal isn't sane. There are varying levels of oppression. Such as if you are a woman in a country where you can get an education but can't hold a job, that's different from not being able to do either due to your gender. Yes, the group that can get an education is less oppressed than the one that can't, but they also still can't hold a job. To compare any of these real struggles with, "ZOMG A MAN LOOKED AT ME WRONG" is ludicrous. 

The reason feminists say things like this is because not only do they very much want oppression to be a competition they also don't want to face the fact that they are badly losing it. By claiming all types of oppression are the same, they've essentially rigged the game and made sure there is no way to lose. But then again, what else is new?