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Catcalling Isn't Rape

RapeMonica EdwardsComment

Feminists are very fond of trivializing the word rape. They have taken it to mean just about any form of contact they don't like, including getting an unwanted look. They have likened verbal statements to a physical act.  Even worse, when an actual rape victim confronts them they are talked down to or told to kill themselves. They believe they speak not only for all women but for all rape victims. The sad thing is, the majority of feminists I've found who complain the most about being verbally harassed, have never been touched. 

It wasn't too long ago that I confronted a feminist on her complaints that catcalling was equal to the physical act of rape. I asked her if she had ever been raped and she decided to give me her "story". This story contained instances where guys yelled sexual things at her from vehicles and solicited her for sex. Had she actually been touched by any of them? No. She said she may not have been touched but she was still raped. She was insistent on this to a point where even after I told her I actually had been raped, she went on to harass me and tell me to kill myself. Her exact words were "go drown in your own shit". She was upset that I wouldn't recognize her "rape victim status", and that's because she hadn't actually been raped. 

Feminists have decided to take this word, and trivialize it, or blow it so entirely out of proportion that it makes rape seem even worse than murder. Some feminists even think rape IS worse than murder and also think that capitol punishment or vigilante justice in the form of death is the right punishment. There is also no shortage of feminists thinking that it's funny that a rapist will go to jail and get raped himself, but don't you dare make a rape joke about a woman. Feminists routinely use faulty rape statistics to convince the world that first world women are being raped at a high rate. They've even caused significant problems on college campuses and in one state instituted the Yes Means Yes law. 

Feminists have made it entirely too easy for a woman to not only report a rape (no matter what happened) but also be able to prosecute with little to no evidence that anything actually happened. On college campuses now there is a way to circumvent an actual trial and declare a man a rapist through the school. Get him kicked out with little more than a story about how they were sexually assaulted. This denies the man actual rights he has to a fair trial and it's all completely legal. Imagine a man trying to accuse a woman under the same laws and statutes, he wouldn't get very far. 

This movement has basically trained the world not only to think that women never lie about rape but they also can't rape. Until 2012 the legal definition of rape in the United States was something only a man could do. Feminist theory in 1972 got the law changed to something only a man could do. It wasn't modified until just recently. In the UK the definition still is very gendered making it nearly impossible for a man who has been sexually assaulted by a woman, to prosecute. Even in the U.S today, if a man wants to prosecute a rape, it's incredibly hard as he is faced with a bunch of people who don't believe women can or would rape, even though statistics say very much otherwise. 

The fact that we have gotten to 2015 and some how still have the mindset that women never lie about rape (even with the repeated outings of women who have and even profited from it) is disgusting. Men are more hesitant than ever to report being assaulted by a woman in such a way. Check out any comment section of any article where a female teacher had sex with a male student. You will see just what I'm talking about. People coming out of the woodwork to say the kid is some kind of "faggot" or "wimp" for not liking sex with his hot teacher. However, if the genders in the article are ever reversed, then people are calling for the man's head. Even worse, in cases of a female teacher molesting a female student, feminists WILL DEFEND this behavior, usually arguing that the love between the two is just "misunderstood by society" because everyone is homophobic and patriarchy and all that noise. 

Rape is a crime that is taken far too seriously when a woman brings it up. It's been repeatedly used as revenge towards men, and at this point we are well aware how high the false statistics are. At least we have a general idea. Since the collection of data on this issue is still very flawed it's hard to track how many rape accusations are false. Regardless of it the allegation is true or not, once it gets out into the public, it's done it's job. Men's lives have been ruined and some men have even been driven to suicide because they cannot escape the false allegations women have made against them. Now it seems that feminists want the ultimate power to decide what rape is and what it isn't, right down to unwanted looks or verbal comments. 

It's time to stop giving feminists and women in general this level of power. The rape laws shouldn't hold a gender bias to the level they do and the crime of sexual assault should only be considered to have taken place if someone was physically assaulted. Allowing a woman to prosecute and publicly name her accuser before any actual evidence beyond a story is collected, is a problem as well. Women do lie about being raped. Women do profit from these lies, and feminists seem to only be pushing the agenda until the definition of rape means anything they want it to. The worst part of all of it, is they are winning, and for some reason society is bending over backwards to cater to this nonsense.