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Misogyny, It's Just A Joke

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

Replace the the first word in that title with "misandry" because that's what feminists will tell you. That misandry is just a joke and people shouldn't take it so seriously. Yet when something that they perceive as misogyny happens, it's the most serious thing in the entire universe and the entire world needs to bend over backwards in order to cater to them while they have their fainting spells. Some of the feminists even argue that misandry isn't even a real word. I've really only seen this argument on tumblr, but they claim that since a red dotted "misspelled" word line comes up under it when you type it, then it's not a word. It's flawed logic at its best to be honest. There are many examples of misandry, true misandry, across the internet and in real life. Yet feminists will tell you it's just a joke.

I suppose that it's really funny that men being falsely accused of rape is such a problem now that there are actual law teams devoted into freeing innocent men from jail.

I guess it's hilarious that male victims of rape are less likely to be taken seriously, or not taken seriously at all because feminists have made rape a woman's only issue.

I laugh so hard about the men who have to pay child support for children who aren't theirs, and I just roll on the floor when I hear about men who have to chase down babies given up for adoption without their consent.

I just can't stop the snickering when I see posts about beating a guy up because he wore a meninist T-shirt to school. Guess he just deserved it because of what he was wearing right! Ha! funny!

Nothing gets my gut working harder with laughter when I read about men who are denied due process on college campuses during rape trials. Why even USE a court system, women NEVER lie about rape?

I can't even breathe when I hear about how males are less likely to be diagnosed with an eating disorder because feminists have also turned body image into a woman's only thing.

This is what feminists want to claim is a joke? Really? This is the very definition of misandry. Yet in their eyes it's okay to do because either it doesn't exist, or women have it SO MUCH WORSE that a little misandry never hurt anyone. Trending hashtags like #KillAllMen are nothing to work yourself into a fit about. But don't you dare try hashtagging something #KillAllWomen because then you will be death threatened right off the internet (unless you have a strong backbone). Feminists claim to want equality but they have not set up a society that is even close to equal. They want to censor everything that hurts their feelings. They want to make jokes to combat problems they think are heinous but not allow jokes of the opposite nature.

Feminists cry over and over about sexism, misogyny, oppression, and rape culture even though the first two (in this country) aren't nearly as harmful as they say, and the last two straight up don't exist. Once again, I don't deny there are massive issues that third world women face every single day. It's very clear that women from less developed nations have plenty of issues to deal with. However, feminists are not in the business of helping them or even acknowledging them beyond using them as a free pass on why they get to complain. They stand around trying to convince people that oppression isn't a competition. Then they will tell you until ALL women aren't oppressed they won't stop. Yet, they seem to think their oppression in the first world amounts to activities people choose to engage in. Movies, comic books, video games. All of these things are oppression. They need to be  censored and changed until they are no longer oppressive. These issues, are CLEARLY far more worthy of attention that women getting doused with acid or set on fire. Yes, violent video games take top priority over forced female genital mutilation or the genocide of baby girls in other nations. Manspreading is a far worse issue than women being forced into marriage or sexual slavery.

Misandry is just a joke, you see, a tool which the feminists use to cope with the RAMPANT SOUL CRUSHING OPPRESSIVE MISOGYNY that they are FORCED TO CONFRONT EVERY DAY! It's SO FUNNY, male suffering. The high suicide rate of men. The innocent men being sent to jail because a woman regrets a night of sex or wants to get revenge on an ex-boyfriend. Let us all laugh at these problems because on the larger scale men CLEARLY have it better. No one ever pays attention to the feminists. Let them have this ONE joke because obviously their ENTIRE POLITICAL MOVEMENT isn't enough of one already.