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Beauty Standards For Men And Feminist Denial

Anti-Feminism, Body ImageMonica EdwardsComment

Feminists will claim up and down that there are no beauty standards for men, but a recent survey/study would seem to dictate otherwise. Not that I have personally ever denied it. Society does place a huge pressure on men to look a certain way. Feminists seem to think this doesn't happen. They have this idea that women never judge a man on his looks nor does society perpetuate an image for males to attain. At every corner there is a body image that men are told to have. Men have eating disorders as well. Men suffer from things like body and face dysmorphia.

Men have just as many image problems as women but because feminists and the rest of society has turned this into such a "women's only" issue, these things get ignored constantly. In years past I was in a relationship with a man who had severe face dysmorphia. Though he was attractive, probably the most attractive man I have ever dated, when he looked in a mirror all he could see was a monster. Any time someone told him he was attractive he thought they were lying. It was something he had been dealing with his entire life. He also believed his body was disfigured and out of proportion and he never liked being photographed or filmed due to this issue. It made the relationship between us tense and ultimately was what broke us up. The constant arguing about how I must be lying when I said I found him attractive.

Body image problems are usually attributed to women. Anything from mild to severe, like the man I mentioned above. People don't seem to take men as seriously when they say they feel ugly or gross or fat. There is this idea that men are always confident about their looks no matter what they look like.

Though it is true that men in general seem to be more confident about their looks, that doesn't mean we should ignore the fact that there are men who have issues, or we should ignore the pressure society places on men to look a certain way. The study that was done asked men and women about what they think women look for in a male partner. The results are interesting and a bit depressing when you break it down for a moment.

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This study, done in the UK, made a mock up image of what each gender thought was the most attractive male. On the left you have what MEN thought women were looking for in a partner.

According to a study organized by Jacamo, a British menswear label, 62% of men hypothesized that women would prefer Justin Bieber's hair, Gerard Butler's face, Hugh Jackman's arms, David Gandy's torso, and Cristiano Ronaldo's legs

Now, since this is what the MEN believed, this tells us immediately the type of pressure put on men to look a certain way. They believe that a women would prefer the first guy. The overly attractive, cut, and somewhat perfect guy. Even though the women seemed to prefer the second guy, the "boy next door" look, that doesn't make a difference. What men think is the key issue here that needs to be examined. The specific article says that men should be reassured that women want the second guy. Now, I am not claiming this doesn't somewhat offer reassurance but the fact that a huge percentage of men already have some idea that the first man is the one that women look for, that's a problem to me.

Society AND women do promote this idea that the tall, dark, muscular hunk is the most sexy guy. Is the one that people want. Especially after stupid crap movies like 50 Shades Of Grey where the lead actor was chosen seemingly only for his looks and "hot body" which is very cut and defined like the man in the first picture. Even though it's very obvious to anyone who looks at the problem for 5 seconds that there is a lot of pressure placed on men, feminists will deny up and down that anything like this exists. Even with companies spending millions of dollars on ad campaigns to remind women they are beautiful. Even with commercials, TV shows, talk shows, and news reports reminding women constantly that they are okay just the way they are, feminists will act like society pays NO attention to women and is FORCING them to look a certain way.

Just recently an obese woman named Tess was signed on to be an actual model for something. Apparently it broke records and feminists basically shit their pants because OMG YAY FAT IS TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL! However there is a difference between a bigger, curvier body and what Tess actually is:

This is actually NOT a good body image for women to try to attain but she got a major modeling contract looking this way because this is apparently what "Average" women look like. This body image right here is just as bad as the skeletal look of runway models that people complained about in the past. Both body types are extremely unhealthy. Being way too skinny or way too fat isn't a GOOD thing. The good thing is to find the healthy balance. There are plenty of larger women who look far healthier than this model up here. Elly Mayday is one of my all time favorite pin up models and though she is larger, she appears healthy. No chunky arms or obvious cellulite.

The difference between her and Tess is astounding. One looks far more proportionate and the other looks kind of bulgy. Even still because of the feminist fat acceptance movement (especially on tumblr which apparently just became a bullshit .org site) Tess is praised up and down for being the first "realistic" woman to also be a model. If we are going to be REALISTIC about this we have to face the fact that Tess is unhealthy looking and also obese. Someone like Elly Mayday is a far better example of how larger women can be beautiful and not get to a point where they look extremely unhealthy for their size. Further more you would never EVER see a fat, beer gutted, sweaty man get a modeling contract to represent the "average" man because society is in HUGE denial about the images they send to men.

All in all, we do need to recognize that pressure is being put on men. The images and ad campaigns that are put out there make men always believe they are not good enough for women. They hold this idea that women want a certain thing. If women actually do want the more realistic boy next door look then it's time we start actually promoting that's what women want. As it is now, though, it seems that the image we are promoting more is the perfect hunky guy with the 6 pack abs. To berate men or to claim that their body images issues don't exist when society is basically BENDING OVER BACKWARDS to cater to women of all shapes, colors, and sizes is ludicrous and really needs to be looked into.