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The Feminists Attack! (But it's not okay to attack them)

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A few days ago I wrote a piece called "The Feminist Victim Complex" where I found a post written by a feminist claiming that it's okay for her to say "Kill all men" because she doesn't really mean KILL ALL MEN and then an astoundingly long rant and justification of why it's totally fine to say this. Her summary of her justification was a buzzword filled ramble of whiny victim hood and completely made up problems like "patriarchy" and "internalized misogyny" which of course she blames men for. In her rant she contradicts herself many times saying that she is FORCED to SAVE the world because patriarchy is crushing it and she doesn't OWE men anything, nor does she have to allow them into her "safe space" all while crowing that she's earning her precious gender studies degree.

So the feminists come here and attack me, which isn't really surprising because hey it was a tumblr feminist blog and those girls have a lot of cult followers. Young women who don't really know any better. I'd like to share with you now some of the things they felt the need to say to me in order to counter my arguments that the patriarchy isn't real.

I never actually JUDGED this girl on her appearance. What I ended up saying was that she looked like your typical feminist. Colored hair, red lipstick, and way too much eyeliner. Now, obviously not ALL feminists look like this but I'm finding more and more that it's definitely a trait a lot of them have in common. This wasn't a "judgement" or an "attack" this was a statement of fact. Considering feminists love to spout on about how patriarchy can be smashed by red lipstick and stiletto heels, this isn't something I even came up with myself. Feminists say this on their own. I made a statement from something I actually observed. It wasn't an attack and I never once called her ugly or insulted her.

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This is something they post and do and say themselves how is me pointing out something feminists already do, judgmental? I didn't even say it was bad or wrong just that it's typical of feminists. Anyway moving on.

I'm angry with problems people who don't like feminists invented. Okay lets see, anti-feminists totally invented the fact that men are treated as sub human in society because of feminist theory right? I mean society totally doesn't ignore male victims of rape or domestic violence because of things feminists have said right? Society doesn't deny men due process in rape trials on college campuses because of things feminists said right? I mean Feminists have absolutely no effect on society, their contribution on society is negligible and I need to stop complaining don't I? It's not as if we can all plainly see what feminists have done and continue to do. Not at all. These issues were completely made up by anti-feminists. Me pointing out that blaming problems on a completely fictional patriarchy and ALL OF MAN KIND is worse than a person who actually blames an entire gender for her own fucked up problems? Okay sure Jennifer Winters. You make a lot of sense right now.

I never once said I felt I needed to save the world from feminists. Though there are obvious reasons WHY the world SHOULD be saved from feminists, I don't believe it is my job alone to stop feminism. I believe that if enough people join in and speak out against it together (which they are currently doing) maybe one day feminism will stop ruling first world countries. Maybe one day they will stop dictating laws and the way society treats men. Unlike feminists, I'm actually worried about a real problem. Feminists are worried about manspreading and guys looking at them the wrong way. Feminists are worried about fictional problems. The entire institution of feminism is corrupt, and a HUGE problem. It's detrimental to society. There is a large difference between wanting to stop stop a cult movement that has way too much actual power and a movement that wants to genocide an entire gender because of "stare rape". Further more I don't believe I HAVE to do this, nor do I think I will change the world all by myself. In fact I would prefer that no one would have to speak out against feminism and the world would see how dumb it is on its own. The feminist in the original post does think it's HER job to save the world, and that's what the problem is. She's playing the martyr, I'm just providing accurate information on why feminism is disgusting and useless.

I'm sorry but purple hair (or any other unnatural color) is by definition "weird" or "abnormal" those two things aren't bad words they just describe a situation that isn't of the mainstream. She also does have too much eyeliner. Once again, not a bad or good thing. Depending on who's wearing it and why, a lot of eyeliner can actually look good. My point was feminists always have the same look which is HEAVY MAKEUP. Even beauty experts will tell you WAY too much makeup is not a good thing. You are supposed to enhance your features not totally cake them over with a bunch of paint. So this opinion isn't mine alone this is the general consensus of beauty gurus and makeup artists around the world as well. Why don't you go attack them?

I didn't say she wasn't dealing with issues. I said that the issues she's dealing with are completely invented by herself and the feminist movement. Clearly that girl has issues as do every last one of you girls who are attacking me. They just aren't caused by the patriarchy. For someone so concerned about how I choose my own words, maybe you need to learn how to read properly. The argument that girl and all other feminists love to use the most is that "THE PATRIARCHY MADE THEM DO IT" and the patriarchy is completely made up (at least in the first world). The girls complaining about the patriarchy have no concept of an actual patriarchy. What they do have a concept of is not taking responsibility for their own behavior so they made up a fictional institution to demonize because accepting responsibility is too hard. Apparently being able to recognize all of this makes me delirious and this is why everyone needs feminism. We need feminism because it's easier to believe lies than own up to the truth.

Actually the patriarchy can be compared to a fictional monster. Once again, this is in reference to first world countries where there is no actual patriarchy. It's a symbol that feminism made up in order to never take responsibility for their own actions. Just because FEMINISTS recognize that it's a thing, and have declared it as such, doesn't mean it is a thing. I'm sorry your gender studies professor says that patriarchy is real but it's actually not. Even in countries where it is real you don't give a damn about those people anyway. Why don't you go help women who are victims of a real patriarchy? Oh right cause you don't want to actually face adversity you want to whine about oppression that you completely made up. Right. I forgot.

Again, again, and again this girl keeps proving that she just doesn't actually have a good argument. It's NOT okay for me to allegedly attack a feminist, but it's apparently completely fine for feminists to attack me because I don't like it when feminists justify their hateful nonsense. See the difference between what I do and what feminists do is, I'm trying to counteract an actual problem. I wouldn't even say "fight" I would say I am attempting to educate people on why feminism is bad. Shine a light on how terrible it is and how much power it has when it rightfully should have none. I am not trying to FIGHT a huge system. I am not trying to be a hero, I'm not attempting to bring down an entire institution on my own. My aim in all of this is to educate.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) feminists do not ever stop providing amazing material to use on why feminism is terrible. This hate that I got for pointing out how stupid one feminist is, only actually proves how awful the entire movement is. They keep on feeding me exactly what I need to support my argument. The girl has a public blog about feminism. The girl is a public and very open radical feminist. Just as I am a public and very open anti-feminist. If it is completely okay for you to attack me it's completely okay for me to "attack" her. If she didn't want her opinions questioned or judged then she'd keep them to her damn self. Further more, that girl isn't at all good at arguing her point as seen here:

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When confronted by another blog, her first response is "get out of here you stupid man". Well as it turns out, the person who asked the question isn't a man. When she responds, the horrible feminist in question responds that she's not going to talk to anyone who "just wants to fight". Apparently asking a legit question is "starting a fight". This girl is actually a pretty stupid piece of work who some how has an army of feminists going out to do her bidding when in reality she doesn't have two logical braincells to rub together. She doesn't want to answer to people who contradict her. What she wants is an echo chamber of other feminists telling her she's right and applauding her shitty behavior. That's what she actually wants. That's what all feminists want.

For me to point these things out isn't being a bitch, it's showing people exactly what is wrong with feminism. It's providing good examples of why feminism is disgusting and completely unneeded. This isn't an ATTACK on one specific girl. This is an attack on all girls who believe the things that this one girl believes in and sadly, there are a lot of them. I know there is a lot of them because of how I just was attacked by them. What it boils down to is feminism is filled with complete assholes who can dish out the most vile shit in the universe but the moment someone calls them on their BS they have been unfairly attacked and it's forbidden. No one is above criticism, least of all feminists.