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Feminists Fight For Domination, Not Equality

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

It greatly annoys me to sit back and see exactly how feminists are greatly superior to men and yet still claim inequality. Women in general are superior to men but anti-feminists already seem to grasp the concept that equality has been achieved and most of us even realize that women are treated far better than men. It's why I say specifically that feminists think this, not that all women think this. Feminists seem to have a knack at finding oppression where their isn't any. Making up stories about how awful they have it. Scapegoating actual oppressed women as if they have anything to do with first world feminism. In fact, first world feminists already have no intention of helping other women, the ones who actually need it, why should we be surprised they don't want to help men?

There are already several problems that feminists have created in society. Just recently there was major criticism of a billboard that expressed the need to recognizance male victims of domestic abuse.

When confronted with the idea that men could possibly be abused by women, feminists lost their shit as if this were the most bizarre thing ever. That it was impossible that men could ever be abused by women. This is a huge problem. Even though feminists claim to be about equality they won't accept or take responsibility for the fact that yes, some women abuse men. This ad is from Canada but I do know in the US things like the Duluth Model haven't helped anyone gain the idea that men can be abused. Feminist theory is behind this domestic abuse model and in many ways "proves" that men cannot be abused. It's still being used as a model to analyze cases when it's also been debunked as a failure.

This is a problem, a huge problem. Yet is was so easily accepted by society as truth, to a point that men, even now,  have issues being taken seriously when they are in a domestic abuse situation. Feminists have even been recorded interrupting a forum for battered men, antagonizing them and berating them because I mean, how could a woman possibly ever abuse a man?

Some how, we are supposed to believe they actually want equality when this is how they behave after being faced with realistic evidence that men can be abused by women? This is still far from the only problem that men face because of feminists and feminist theory. Feminist theory modified the definition of rape in the US (to be more inclusive of male victims) and it wasn't changed until recently. Feminists still hold power in the UK with their definition of rape which denotes it's a crime that only men can commit and women can experience. Here in the united states we have a terrible YES MEAN YES law that is horrifically gender biased and only women could ever benefit from.

Rape accusations are used as a revenge tactic. Men are going to prison unjustly because women cry rape and society holds some stupid idea that a woman would never lie about being raped. Yet feminists have taken the definition of rape and turned it on its ear. They have made sexual assault something that could be as simple as looking at a woman the wrong way, saying something crass to her, or changing positions during an act of sexual consent. Feminists have trivialized the word rape to a point where anything they want can be seen as rape and no one can say shit about it because this is what feminists want. Some how, they've eveen been able to deny men the right to due process on college campus accusations of rape. They want power not equality. Anyone with half a brain can see women are already equal in first world countries.

Serious issues like eating disorders in males are being ignored. Eating disorders are more likely to be seen as a "woman's issue" and so doctors are hesitant to diagnose males with things like anorexia or bulimia. Feminists constantly claim that women aren't taken seriously when it comes to beauty standards and body weight but the opposite is true. There are national campaigns run by huge companies to support the idea that ALL WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL. There is nothing like this for men and despite what feminists want to say YES there IS huge pressure on a man to look a certain way. This is never discussed, it's always ALL about women and to a point where it gets national attention.

Feminists routinely draw attention away from men. Even if it's an accomplishment that a man has made. Kind of like the time a man made a scientific accomplishment and it was derailed by feminists to comment on how his shirt was sexist. A shirt made for him by another woman. The world fucking stopped and stared as feminists belittled a huge accomplishment to bitch about a shirt a man was wearing in an interview. Then for some reason the guy felt the need to APOLOGIZE when feminists were the ones being the unreasonable assholes in the first place.

Women are more likely to get custody of children in a divorce, even if they are more incompetent than the man. The custody rights always default to the woman, to the mother. If a woman wants to put a child up for adoption, a man has to PROVE that he will be a good father in order to get custody. He doesn't automatically get custody because he's the father but the woman will ALWAYS get custody because she is the mother. A friend of mine who works specifically with abuse situations in the home has seen a mother get custody of a child several times even though it was clear she was abusive, or an addict, or both. Society has some how come up with the idea that women are far superior to men and in ways that are detrimental to society.

Men are completely disposable and go completely ignored on several key issues. Feminist theory (which has been constantly debunked and publicly) is still being trusted to judge things it should not be judging. To claim for one second that MEN HAVE ALL THE POWER and feminists still have some sort of battle to fight for is insanity. They don't have inequality any more, they dominate. They use their spare time to whine about trite issues such as MANSPREADING. They have so little problems in their daily life they have begun inventing oppression. This should be more than a fair sign that feminism is utterly useless and has been for decades, and yet everyone keeps believing their lies.