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The Feminist Victim Complex

Anti-FeminismMonica Edwards2 Comments

I was browsing through tumblr as I sometimes do, mostly to see the terrible things that feminists post, and I stumbled upon this blog:

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Not really that bad right? Because this is pretty much expected behavior from feminists now. Except that is until you see the explanation as to why it's okay for her to say "Kill All Men" which honestly is quite possibly the most disgusting, pathetic, self-victimizing explanation of all time. Even more sad, her profile picture is of what you'd think a typical feminist would look like. Purple hair, red lipstick, and way too much eyeliner. Yet this is an actual person who actually believes these things. Let me give you a small taste. (Unabridged Rant Found Here)

That's just the beginning of her rant about why it's okay to say kill all men. Apparently male privilege is suffocating her. That she's so tired and angry over male entitlement. She only really means cis male entitlement (as you will find out later in her rant). She's one of those "poor me" girls who fails to realize how good she has it. Male privilege right? Does she mean being forced to sign up for the draft at 18? Does she mean being taken less seriously as a rape victim? Does she mean how eating disorders are defined as a "woman's problem" and men are less likely to be diagnosed with having them? Does she mean being forced to pay child support for children that don't belong to her? Or does she mean the incredibly biased rape laws? Oh lord so much privilege these men have. How does she even get up in the morning? (Check Out Resources Page For More Information On Male Privilege)

Here she contradicts herself almost instantly by saying that she doesn't like men who aren't feminist allies but also doesn't feel she wants any men in her safe little feminist bubble. She shouldn't have to make men feel okay because they are all suffocating her with their privilege and that scares her. It angers her. Men have it so easy and as a white girl with an education and every available opportunity at her feet, she just cannot tolerate being treated exactly like a man. Even better in most cases (considering the short end of the stick men actually get). Even if they didn't do anything wrong it doesn't matter...she hates them. She's angry and she expresses that by saying KILL ALL MEN. What a lovely person she must be!

Every day she has to work SO HARD to unlearn things that apparently men brainwashed her into thinking? You know, her white privilege, her well off class in society, her sexism/transphobia. She has to "UNLEARN" a thing feminists completely made up (internalized misogyny). She has to examine what a shit person she is, and she made herself into, while also blaming it on an outside force that would have little to no influence on her if she didn't allow it to. She is blaming something feminists totally made up for all of her own shitty opinions. She is a white apologist, and a total victim to this male dominated society. She has to examine all her own stupid problems because SHE HAS to make the world safe for NON CISHET MALES because she and she alone will be the HERO and SAVIOR of the entire universe. This will all be accomplished by feminism. Even though she previously stated she is okay with SOME MEN, the longer this rant goes on, the more she makes it clear she isn't okay with ANY men and they have all destroyed her. She is the only hope in the universe to save everyone else.

Here she explains how she is studying to become a professional victim, sorry, feminist. She spends so much time reading false statistics and propaganda she had worked herself into a state of extreme man hating paranoia. No lack of buzzwords in this paragraph either. She believes as a upper class white woman who is getting a nice education in a very useless subject that she is marginalized and oppressed. That this gives her every reason to be angry. This woman/girl/whatever is the very definition of someone who has never had an actual problem in her life so she invents them. All these things, every last thing she lists in this horribly long and pointless rant are things SHE ENTIRELY MADE UP so she can feel like she's a victim. She also made them up so she can feel important, so she can feel like she's saving the world by being a complete and total jackass.

I don't know how many times she has used the word "patriarchy" in this entire rant (and I even left out an entire huge paragraph about how much she hates men because it was redundant) but it seems that's her favorite go to buzzword. Kill all men doesn't mean ACTUALLY KILL THEM apparently it means "I'm a victim of my own stupid brain and I am going to take it out on men". At the end she clarifies that kill all men means she's the feminist people don't want her to be. That some how she is threatening. That her damsel in distress, whiny, whine, bitch rant makes people afraid of her. That people read what she has to say, see her purple hair and red lipstick, and start shaking in their boots because she's a dragon that will burn down the patriarchy.

This, right here, is the perfect example of what is wrong with the feminist movement. This woman, whoever she is, couldn't possibly be more brainwashed or pathetic. She is a victim of feminism but believes it will save her. She has written the longest and most insane rant ever about how kill all men doesn't mean kill all men, but a few posts later she says her life would be easier if she never had to encounter any men at all. She is angry with problems she invented herself. She's angry with problems feminism invented. Every last thing she lists is an invention of a cult movement. The worst part is, her posts seem to get A LOT of notes with A LOT of women agreeing with her. She is representing the feminist movement and she is a shining example of how pathetic and useless the movement has become. This woman isn't a leader, she's a pathetic, spineless worm with a victim complex the size of the moon. Yet she will be praised and patted on the back for her politically correct and contradictory answer to why Kill All Men doesn't mean to actually kill any men. Even though it actually does.