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Moronic SJW Comments On The Ferguson Officer Shootings

Social Justice, FergusonMonica EdwardsComment

As per usual, tumblr fails to show any sort of sympathy or critical thinking after hearing the news that two officers in Ferguson were shot, while a protestor yells that this wouldn't have happened if Mike Brown hadn't have been shot. Lets look at these lovely "intelligent" comments:

Mike Brown wasn't innocent, nor was he a child. Are people still using this as an actual argument to justify two police officers being shot?

Once again, not innocent, okay? Secondly what do you mean "Nothing"? Because as I recall there were riots, looting, and most of the city was burned down. The media did nothing but cover the story and apologize to everyone for racism that wasn't even there.

Apparently now cops are "trash cans" and they deserve to be shot because they are cops. Obviously since Mike Brown was totally shot cause he was black (Oh no wait he wasn't) this is enough justification to become vigilantes and shoot innocent people. Awesome.

Of course you have the conspiracy theorists weighing in about how this ambush was most likely staged. Even though it was caught on a cellphone camera. I guess they would want to stage two people being shot because it's all just fun and games, right? Lets endanger some lives for a publicity stunt!

It wasn't worth a trial because they investigated it. They investigated the crap out of it. Did you not listen to everything they said when they explained WHY there wouldn't be a trial? Did you not hear about how Mike Brown tried to grab Officer Wilson's gun? Did you not hear how the witness testimonies corroborated the officer's story? Or do you get all your "facts" from Tumblr?

Yes, it is worrying, especially since your profile picture makes you look like you are a white guy. I'm assuming that's a picture of yourself. If that's the case, you are now a disgusting, spineless, white apologist. Seek help if you actually think this is "Good".

Here we go with the "peaceful protesting" bullshit again. Not all of it was peaceful. Though I agree that some of it was, there were still riots and looting, and now two police officers were shot. Did you miss the night where the protestors burned the city to the ground? That wasn't ONE person, it was a calculated effort. Pay attention here.

Here we have someone comparing cops to slave masters. Claiming that there is not such thing as a good cop. How much you wanna bet if this person is ever in trouble, of any sort, the first thing they are going to do is call the cops. What are they going to want? They are going to want help. They will dial 911 and beg for the police to come and save them. They won't be calling them "Slave Masters" then.

Honestly, sitting back and watching the extreme social media ignorance even months later, over this Mike Brown thing, is just depressing. We have people rejoicing over the fact that two men were shot. We have people comparing it to slavery and people calling it a conspiracy. We have white apologists happy that cops were gunned down, we have people still justifying violence over something that should have been a cut and dry case. If you didn't notice, Officer Wilson is innocent. They investigated it, they went over everything with a fine tooth comb. There is video evidence of Mike Brown robbing a store. There is evidence his hands were NOT up at the time of the shooting. There is evidence that he tried to get Wilson's gun away from him. There is evidence that he was told to stop and charged right at the police officer. How in the world any of you are actually justifying this as a good thing after months of investigation, proof, and violent behavior is beyond me.