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Free Speech Is A Two Way Street

Anti-Feminism, Social JusticeMonica EdwardsComment

Feminists and social justice slackatvists alike, love to claim the first amendment right of free speech. People on tumblr especially love to tell everyone that hate speech is not a part of free speech, that it's illegal:

Yet, these are the exact same people who love to make posts about killing all men. Also posts about hurting men, or how men are worthless. The same people who want to kill white people or who celebrate the deaths of white people. The same people who keep pushing the idea that hate speech is illegal (which it is not) are the people doing most of the hate speech.

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Of course I am speaking of people in the united states. Obviously depending on what country you live in your freedom of speech does vary, but most of the people I see trying to argue that hate speech is illegal are US citizens who don't seem to grasp that it's not. Tumblr, especially, believes that the entire internet is America. That no one from other countries accesses the internet except America. In fact when the Furgeson shooting happened there were plenty of SJW blogs saying that "If you don't care about Mike Brown get the fuck off of tumblr" because most of these people are xenophobic assholes who never leave their rooms.

They just love to dish out hate, but it's only against certain groups. It's okay to hate Christians, White people, and White Cishet Men especially. It's okay to dehumanize certain groups and even advocate for their genocide, which does classify as hate speech, but not according to them. The moment you say anything (seriously or jokingly) about minorities or feminists that is hateful (or perceived as hateful) you will be viciously reminded that what you are doing is illegal. Considering how tumblr does have a large user base from varying countries, possibly someone is violating a law, but it's mostly American citizens complaining about this the most.

The problem is, they fail to realize a few things.

  1. If the US government decides to ban hate speech then they can also control other things that are said. They can completely censor anything they want and that could also mean shutting down Tumblr.
  2. The very things that they post themselves are classified as hate speech. The same first amendment right they want to live under to spew their own stupid garbage is the same right everyone else has to hate them for being idiots.

Further failing comes in the form of SJWs not understanding that agreeing that a group has the right to free speech isn't supporting them. For example, not too long ago I saw a post going around that said it was okay for KKK Members to speak their mind and believe what they do. The original poster of said message was spammed with hate insisting that if he is okay with allowing the KKK to speak then he supports them. It's not the same thing. I agree that any group for any reason has the right to SAY and BELIEVE anything they want. The line is only drawn when this speech is used to hurt someone. If someone is getting hurt because of this speech then it should be stopped. However, words do not hurt people, people hurt people.

By someone getting outside with a megaphone on a street corner shouting "KILL ALL THE JEWS" well that's not illegal. They may be stopped by police, or other people, they may be detained, but no crime has been committed. Even if some whack job hears this person yelling "KILL ALL THE JEWS" and decides to go kill some Jewish people, well it's not the SPEECH that harmed anyone. It's that person who listened to the speech. The spoken words didn't cause any actual harm to anyone. It's deplorable when something like that happens but it's the truth.

What these people seem to want is censorship and express protection but only for their own specific little movements. They want it to be okay to demonize white people and Christians but they want every other last bit of speech protected. If they got their way, in the court of law, then their speech would also go out the window because it sets precedent. When you censor one thing for being offensive, it's a downhill slope. It only allows other groups to cite how harmful other speech is until no one is allowed to say anything at all. If you want to have free speech then you have to allow everyone to have free speech. It's not a one way street. Hopefully one day these children will grow up and realize that. If not, we are headed down a dark path of censorship that I'd prefer not to think about.