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Stop telling me to get educated, I know what Feminism is...

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

I was on twitter earlier and I saw a tweet which I am not sure of the meaning behind. It could have two meanings really, but the meaning isn't very obvious:

I am not sure what this is about. So of course I questioned it. Is she saying that you aren't a real woman if you can't do these things, therefore you are not a feminist? Is she saying feminism is being a house wife? Is she anti-feminist or is she against anti-feminism? Last I recall hearing, feminists are against cooking/cleaning/housewife stuff because they believe that it means a woman is brainwashed by the patriarchy. Of course asking about this didn't get me much clarification. Instead I got one of these girls.

One of the "Ha ha silly girl you just need to get educated on what feminism is!" people, without actually giving me any actual explanation as to what the original statement meant in the first place. There are quite notable feminists who have spoken out against being a housewife, claiming women are BETTER than just doing menial labor for their husbands and children. There are plenty of feminists who abhor the idea that a woman should want to be a wife and mother and that's it. Of course, as of late there has been a movement of women who claim they can be feminists and housewives, but for the past few decades this was frowned upon by feminists. It was. That's why I asked. You will still meet feminists today who think marriage is a prison. There are feminists today who oppose taking the man's name when you get married because it's not empowering. You NEED to keep your OWN name and be your OWN woman.

But in the tradition of heterosexual marriage, that’s what name-changing was. That is, quite literally, what name-changing still is — it is changing your identity.

So despite what SimplyAbigail here wants to say, she's just not correct. Of course then she sends me another thing, which was too long for an actual tweet so she screenshots it and tweets it at me anyway:


Other than the fact that this girl looks to be about 14 and that her blond hair came out of a bottle, does she even know about the extremists of the feminist movement? I have never doubted there are extreme anti-feminists who want to "kill all women" but if you lined up those people with the feminists who want to kill all men, you'd find there are FAR more extreme feminists wishing genocide. The proof is in the fact that they have already gotten biased laws passed that can only harm men. The proof is in the fact that they have gotten hashtags like #KillAllMen trending on twitter. When a prominent feminists talks seriously about getting rid of half or all of the male population she's applauded for her ingenuity. People pat her on the back like she just created the best thing since sliced bread.

There have been feminists who have attempted to kill men just because they were men. A feminist named Valerie Solanas wrote something called "The S.C.U.M Manifesto".  She also attempted to assassinate a man based on this manifesto.

This woman still has quite a few supporters. Someone like Valerie Solanas is still praised by feminists today for her awesome work. When it comes to extremism feminism actually takes the bigger slice of the cake. Other than biased rape laws, forcing men to pay for children that aren't theirs, giving women the ability to put children up for adoption without the father's consent, the right to name the father, the completely unfair Yes Means Yes law, and the fact that women can get away with (and profit from) false rape accusations with barely a slap on the wrist, clearly denotes that feminists are the more extreme side of the argument. The problem is, the young girls who keep telling me, and other anti-feminists to get educated, aren't even educated themselves. Just a thirty second glimpse into the history of feminism, and what it is currently would tell people that feminists are the extremists. Though there may be extreme, women hating MRAs, until they start enforcing and passing completely stupid and harmful gender biased laws, I'm really not going to have a problem with them.