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Extremism Is Never Good

ExtremismMonica Edwards2 Comments

Extremism can look just as bad as Anti-Extremism. For example, this past week I've been harassed by nothing but asshole anti-extremists. Other than the fact that they are actually really bad at what they do and completely unoriginal with the hate, it can get very annoying. However here's the thing. When I post this hate (because I find it utterly ridiculous) people think it's feminists. No it's extreme ANTI Feminists. It's people who hate (or claim to hate) feminists so much that they've become exactly like feminists and fail to realize it. Such as, here is hate that I usually get from Radical Feminists:

I'm very used to this. Their main form of attack is how I look. I get called every name in the book and all the time. It's getting to a point where I haven't heard an actual creative insult in years because they all seem to think that they are coming up with something new (or that I'm not aware of) and that I dunno I'll run away crying because they called me ugly. The thing is, the extreme anti-feminists send the exact same type of hate, to a point where they sound exactly like feminists:

That might be hard to read so here it is in full:

Name: crack whore

Email Address:

Subject: flat chest

Message: Using fancy terms like haitis and trying to talk smart is gonna stop anything. Don't like it so much just get the fuck of the internet and stop showing your ugly skank face because you are a fucking nobody. No one cares about you. No one is a fan of your shit. Get over yourself instead of raging trying to think you can fight and do something and miserably failing everytime. Get a life and and quit the pretentious corcle jerk bullshit.

What's even more funny is months ago I already did a youtube video on this subject explaining all the insults I get on a regular basis. This email just came into me about 5 minutes ago and they actually fit every last cliche that I list in this video that I did.

What's sad is that this video was specifically about feminists, and yet the extreme anti-feminists say the same exact shit the feminists do, while at the same time pretending they are better than feminists. 

Obviously you can be an anti-feminist and not get this bad. Most anti-feminists are moderate and logical in their thinking. Then you have websites that only exist to trash places like tumblr while also pretending they are better than tumblr, and attack people like me who actually use critical thinking. I'm still getting hate from both sides, and yes it's tiring and annoying, but I now realize that it's a catch-22. They are just as bad as the feminists and, well, I'm very used to dealing with that sort of bullshit. It's just coming from a different type of extremist now. That's all.