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I'm Not Like OTHER girls

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

I'm sure we are all familiar with this cliche pile of crap. "I'm not like other girls". The girls who totally are like other girls desperately trying to convince other people (usually men) they are not like other girls. Which ruins it for the women or girls who really aren't like other girls. See the thing is if you aren't like other girls you just, aren't. You don't need to constantly remind everyone that you're not. Really. The only reason I know this is because I actually am not like other girls and all It's done is create problems for me. It might even be easier if I were like other girls cause my life would be far more simple. I'd be blind to all this idiot bimbo feminist logic and be blissful with my ignorance and just join some sort of feminist cult. Ignorance is bliss as they always say, right?

This shocks absolutely no one, cliche girl who isn't like other girls. Mostly because humans as a whole (at least most rational adults) don't put women or men or well anyone into a box because of their gender. I know there are men who hate having multiple partners, suck at driving, talk during movies, and are passive aggressive and cryptic with how they speak. It's not JUST women that behave like this or the opposite of this or whatever you want to call it. This isn't even a GENDER thing. This comes down to a person by person basis. Not race, sexuality, or what genitals you have attached to your crotch. For the most part, even though there are certain stereotypes attached to females almost no one instantly assumes (in a true reality sort of way) that women are all like this. The girls who have to "shock" people by reminding others that SOME women don't fit in this box, are girls trying WAY too hard to prove something that they either aren't, or never needed to prove in the first place.

Also as a woman I can tell you this much, women are SHITTY FUCKING DRIVERS. I'm personally not, which I guess might be more of an "opinion" or I'm biased to my own driving. However, I've never been in a car accident or gotten a speeding ticket or done something that was dangerous or reckless. Yet 9 times out of 10 when I'm driving and someone is being an asshole in the other lane is some bitch woman on her phone, or a woman driving a car that is CLEARLY too huge for her to handle. Am I aware some women are great drivers? Yes of course but A LOT of them aren't. There's a reason people say this. Further more, men have to pay a HIGHER insurance premium because they, statistically, are the WORST drivers especially young men. MOST people already know this too. Try being a 16 year old male who just got his license and then purchasing insurance. If you are a female your premium is going to be far lower. Though there are reasons why it's said women are horrible drivers there's also reasons why it's said men are horrible drivers. It's about equal and there isn't an overwhelming majority of people who think women suck at driving or men.

Also, I know plenty of people who talk during movies INCLUDING men. It really depends on what movie you are at, who you are with, and what the content of the movie is. Me and my friend (male) both talk during movies because we comment on the movies. Wow. What a novel concept. If one of us tells the other to shut up we shut up. I mean holy shit. EVERYONE does this. It's also not my fault that the majority of 16 year old idiot girls would prefer to be on their phones texting during a movie or any other sort of event than actually watching what the fuck they paid for. In my experience, once again, it's usually women doing this. I've had far more problems with girls doing this than guys, however have I seen guys do this? Hell yes I have. It's not a bubble it's an individual thing.

Honestly, and this is the truth right here, if you are not like other girls or not like a typical [insert type of person here] guess what? YOU DON'T FEEL THE NEED TO TELL PEOPLE. Even though I'm not like other girls and I've known this for basically my whole life I've never actually used the phrase "I'm not like other girls" to describe myself. I don't need to compare myself to other girls nor insist I am NOT LIKE THAT in order to feel like myself. These girls are poser girls, people can see right through them in an instant. The moment those words come out of your mouth people know you are a fucking liar. That's it. If you really aren't like other girls your behavior is going to dictate how people see that, not you specifically TELLING them you aren't like other girls. In conclusion, shut up, just don't "act like other girls" if you aren't like them, and people will notice. Oh and for the fucking record, there also isn't anything wrong with "being like other girls" no one gives a shit. I promise you.