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I'm "Done" With Standing Up For People

Fandoms, Tattle-CrimeMonica Edwards2 Comments

This doesn't pertain to anyone in the anti-feminist community however this does pertain to anyone coming to me trying to get me to do something about well the woman who runs it. Over the past few weeks I've had several people approach me to tell me horrible shit about this woman then ask me what can be done about it? Well I've done what can be done about it. If you want anything else to be done, you do it. Honestly, I'm amazed that anyone paid attention to me at all which is great but at the same time you need to realize that whoever this woman is, she's a fucking lunatic and a manipulator who has managed to get the producers and creator of the show so far up her own ass that they can't see what she's doing. Which is their own fault. Further more, I'm not even surprised by this because that entire fucking company is so incompetent they couldn't find their ass with two hands and a flashlight. They suck and they always have. This is why the show was cancelled in the first place.

I should hope that eventually Fuller or DLC or someone realizes that she's nothing more than a criminal con-artist attempting to start her own weird little sex cult but whatever. I also hope that eventually someone gets her real name and calls the cops on her. The only thing I intend to follow up on NOW with that bitch is the mail fraud claim I already filed on her because well I already started that and technically some of the shit she does is mail fraud so if that can get me her name then I'll try. Even still, I'm 100% sure her P.O Box isn't registered in her real name so it's going to be another dead end, at least at that point maybe I can get her charged with a felony having actual proof that she put a fake name on a government form. As it is my understanding that it's illegal to have a P.O Box registered under an alias but I don't fucking know.

The point here is that, this woman is dangerous, I can see it and a lot of other people can see it. If she goes on to do something MORE dangerous well I told you so. I told ALL of you so. She's paranoid, delusional, most likely schizophrenic, and she's in her 30's while also not being treated for ANY of her mental problems. People like that eventually just snap and either try to kill themselves or other people. Or both. Or succeed in doing such things. From a core group of like 20 people she's narrowed it down to like maybe 4 or 5 because she constantly thinks all the people around her are out to get her. Pretty soon I assume it's just going to be Lauren and her and then some weird sort of suicide pact when she realizes she's a fucking loser and no one gives a shit about her any more, especially since Lauren for some reason believes she needs to do ANYTHING this woman says because Lauren is a fucking sock puppet.

If all of us who are complaining exposed this woman together, it would be hard for anyone to ignore it any more, however none of you guys want to do that, and because of how the fandom has ALREADY treated me and quite literally "Tattled" on me to Fuller and the other staff they aren't going to listen to me. Ever. If you actually want her dealt with you are going to have to do it yourself. I'm tired of being the representative. Barring someone giving me her actual name or getting me some direct contact with Bryan Fuller or Martha DeLaurentiis nothing is going to happen. The information is there, the proof is there, it's always going to be there (At least as long as she has her website it'll be there) and that's that. I can't do any more, she's too dangerous and I've backed her into a corner as much as I can, you guys have to be the ones who move in for the kill.

When people ask me WHY I'm a misanthropist well here's yet another reason. Watching people doing horrible things, knowing they are doing horrible things, exposing their horrible things and then being ignored because those other people are SOOOO fucking evil they already have everyone wrapped around their fingers. The Hannibal fandom the VAST majority of them are idiots. They throw money at people for shitty art and shitty fan fiction, turn a blind eye to the level of harassment they cause (not just to me but to MANY other people) and then walk around like their shit doesn't stink. As many crazy ass fandoms as I've gotten involved with, this one is by far the most sick, twisted, and demented one. Probably because Fuller mainly promoted his show on Tumblr and mainly only listened to the tumblr brats verbally suck his dick over how great he was for his 3 years of cockteasing a gay relationship and crapping out at the end by not truly giving anyone what they wanted.

You people are just awful. For every good and decent thinking "Fannibal" I've met, I've met probably 100 others who were just insane, rabid, sad, demented fangirls. The overwhelming majority of this fandom are deluded moronic SJWs with no life outside of the show. I'm glad it's cancelled, I'm glad there is no hope for a season four, and I'm going to have fun watching Fuller ruin American Gods just like he ruined Hannibal because only a fucking IDIOT would allow him to make an adaptation of their book after what he did to Harris. So in conclusion if you want anything done about do it yourself. Either that or wait for her to actually snap and actually hurt someone or herself so I can sit back and say "I told you so". I just really hope that person doesn't end up being me.