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Feminists Make A Mountain Out Of A Molehill

Anti-Feminism, TumblrMonica EdwardsComment

There is this commercial where well, this guy does this and all the guys praise him for it. Whatever. If you ask me it's a dumb commercial and that's about where it ends. It's funny. Makes a dumb point, whatever. Who cares? Apparently feminists do. Just this simple commercial becomes a major fucking issue in about 5 seconds on tumblr.

Not even sure where the patriarchy comes into this considering the vast amounts of women who openly admit that they find any sort of femininity or weakness in a man to be unattractive. Since this is the case, why would this man want to be seen holding a purse? The fact is that they are all very well aware of how gross women think they are when they do things that are feminine.

Is it? Really? Aren't YOU the people who are constantly complaining about shit that is the most trivial crap on the planet? You know like men taking up too much space on the bus because they are biologically different and built bigger?

What about how sexist air conditioning is? That totally doesn't make women seem irrational, fragile, and stupid. Not at all!

A man who doesn't want to hold the belongings of another person because they don't want to hold them is automatically weak as fuck now. Okay cool? Well how about you don't bring a purse you don't fucking want to carry somewhere? Who's the more weak one? The guy who doesn't want to hold the purse? or the lady who is too burdened by 5 pounds of crap to walk in a damn mall?

Yeah it's not like you guys totally don't do that to masculinity, by making hashtags to mock men and how allegedly fragile they are. Even though they are less likely to seek out help for depression because it shows weakness and are more likely to commit suicide than women because of lack of help for male depression. Yeah that's totally fine you know, openly mocking men. Are we not reading a bit too much into this commercial when all feminists do is jam the idea that MEN R BAD down the throats of men?

Though I can understand why one might think that, the first time I saw this commercial all I thought was that it was a clever way to pick up the purse and hide it without showing anyone he was doing it. I didn't immediately jump to the "dog shit" conclusion and even if I had? So what? It's a fucking commercial? Are you not reading WAY too much into it?

The irony in ALL of this is the blog commenting directly above me, STFUEverything, do you know who she is? This woman is Chanty Binx. AKA Big Red. AKA:

This woman who literally screamed at an MRA about how awful patriarchy is, and wouldn't let him get a word in edgewise, writes some huge mount of bullshit about how harmful patriarchy is. Seriously. Does she not even realize how stupid she looks? So patriarchy is bad enough that she needs to protest a discussion about male suicide, but harmful enough to men that it also harms men and...what?

From this one gif, of a stupid commercial making a stupid joke about a man not wanting to carry a purse comes a huge fucking tantrum about mocking men while also crying how sad it is that society made men this way? Even though feminists are the ones who started the hashtag masculinity so fragile to mock men while claiming to validate them? My point is that this is the feminist movement. This is how dumb it is. Instead of getting outraged about an actual PROBLEM or women who are ACTUALLY OPPRESSED what do they do? They find a stupid commercial for some stupid product in the first world, and scream about that. If this doesn't signify how damn useless your movement is, I don't know what does.