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I took a visit to to see if they were going to say anything publicly about the #FuckParis hashtag that they allegedly got trending. Well there's nothing on that site about THAT but immediately when you go there you are slapped with Propaganda so hard it almost knocks you over. Lets take a look:

No actually police kill more white people than black people but white deaths generate less outrage (Source) Also what is this child shit? Really? We are to believe police are killing innocent black children? Or do they mean CHILDREN in like Mike brown was an innocent young man (even though he wasn’t) because really? No sources to back this on their website. Are they also counting the black people who are killed because they were being criminals? Cause that’s a thing too. Propaganda much?

Considering the average lifespan of a trans PERSON of ANY color is 23 years seems like black trans women have it pretty good. All joking aside given that maybe like 1% of the whole population is trans (okay like 2.5) and I mean ACTUALLY trans not “TUMBLR TRANS” I’m going to say that black trans women included in the overall statistic well lets just ignore EVERYONE ELSE and pretend that WHITE trans people have it SO much better when no they do not. (Source)

As a whole women get less jail time than men anyway. Though I will agree there is a huge racial disparity in sentencing, WOMEN are less like to get any jail time AT ALL then men. I also really want to know where they are getting their statistics I can’t find one legit study on their site.

This one isn’t exactly incorrect but it is misleading. This study shows that out of ALL the unemployed disabled the HIGHEST number was black people. As such of course they will make the largest percentage. (Source)

Okay and so what? They aren't AFRICAN AMERICAN for one they are usually African or some other color of brown that you labeled black. Further more Africans and immigrants from other countries fucking HATE the black lives/thug mentality of Americans and more or less spit on it so why are you dragging them into this?

I found the original study that seems to be…well not done correctly at all. It’s not a government study it was done by a BLACK WOMAN’S BLOGGING site which means their statistics are shaky so I did my own research. Check it out.

This study says when people are raped more often than not they are raped by people of the same race. Which means if this is true it’s black men raping these black women.

This study says females were MORE likely to experience sexual violence OVER the age of 18 not under and doesn’t specify one specific race. Also keep in mind SEXUAL ASSAULT and RAPE are NOT THE SAME THING. I’m not saying both can’t be equally as horrible but considering what people think sexual assault is these days and the very high rate of false accusations, I’m going to have to say that since I can find no ACTUAL evidence to support this bullshit it’s well bullshit.

My point? This is on the front page of the BlackLivesMatter website. It’s one of the first things you see. They are instantly shoving propaganda down the throat of any moron looking to either feel guilty about their whiteness or who wants to find racism. They are preying on ignorant SJW assholes who won’t take the time to research any of this and just BELIEVE it because BLM people scream in their face that OMG RACISM IS REAL AND WE HAVE IT SO BAD when if you actually fucking LOOK at what is going on and I mean STATISTICALLY 99% of this is a bald faced lie.