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As many of you know I have messed up dental issues. To make a long story short I have had several genetic and financial conditions (not to mention a severe phobia of dentists) that have caused major jaw/gum erosion. Basically even if I took perfect care of my teeth all the time for my whole life I would have still gotten to this point, just probably a few years from now instead of right now. I know I already ran a campaign to help pay for dental surgery WHICH yes you guys were awesome and you helped me SO Much. I was able to get it done a lot faster and with a lot more professional care than had I not been able to pay for it out of pocket. However, I was lied to about how much the entire procedure would cost.

This is the new quote on my surgery. Now I know what I said it would be but you see I was lied to. Oh and by the way this is just the cost for the bottom part of my jaw, and only two implants. On the bottom jaw I need 4 implants as well as 4 on the top. Bringing the grand total to somewhere around 20grand. Now you are going to ask me WHY I didn't know this before (and I seriously didn't know before the other day) but the implants the first dentist I saw was talking about were mini implants. These work fine for a lot of people but not for me. Why? Because as luck would have it I have a very thin jaw. Part of my implant surgery would literally include shaving down the jaw. Not to mention the fact that because of how thin my jaw is, the mini implants to hold the larger implants in place would potentially break. They could work for a few years but probably not much longer. The way better option is deeper, thicker, and stronger implants. Just because my mouth and jaw is so small. Feel free to insert jokes about how I have a big mouth here, in physical reality I really don't. It's cramped as fuck in that bitch.

I could risk getting the mini implants for 8 grand and to be honest I'm tempted but the idea that they could break or wear out and I would be in it for even more money later on, doesn't sit well with me. As such I am deciding to go for the better option, more expensive but better idea in the long run. I need help with this, obviously. As of now I have a job but it's extremely part time and it's only seasonal it'll end in January. There is hope for advancement but not much of it. Which means finding a new job come January which I don't know how possible that will be I was lucky to get this one. Awesome.

I can cover most of this first surgery myself. Like three thousand dollars worth of it. The surgery is scheduled for the 24th of November and considering how bad things are it's a blessing honestly. The reason I need this specific thing is because well I tried dentures they don't work for me. Remember how I mentioned my ridiculously small mouth and thin jaw? Well the dentures cause tension headaches and sinus problems. That's not going to be a solution in any way, shape or form and trust me I tried. Because insurance thinks this is cosmetic (even though I'm ONLY doing it because I want to EAT (and not to make my mouth look all pretty, you guys see how skinny I am I need to fucking eat) they will cover almost none of it. If I'm lucky and that's a BIG IF, I can get insurance to maybe knock off 800 total, out of 20 grand. Yeah. Because dentists are fucking robbers. Not to mention I need to be sedated for this which isn't ever covered under my insurance.

Now this is what I'm offering. I hate asking for donations, I mean I appreciate every donation I get I just hate asking. As such I'm willing to offer services. Basically anything you can think of that legal for me to do, make an offer. I'll do it. I'm not TOO bad at art, I don't mind doing commissions or things. I will do videos. I will even call you and have phone sex with you. Want to buy some used panties? Ask for it. Have a high heel fetish and want one of my shoes? Make me an offer. I really don't care. I would much rather provide a service for money than beg for donations. One of my BEST things is erotic stories. I will write anything and everything, any fetish, any kink, and I'll write it fucking cheap. I just really BADLY need money to cover this. I don't want to be in debt forever. I'm already hurting from this 5706 which I will have to pay on the 24th. The plan is to get the two implants, then pay off as much of that as I can before getting two more on the top. Pay that off and get two more. Pay that off and get two more. The faster I can pay this stuff off, the faster I can get it done.

I don't expect to only exist on donations or crappy work that I can do, I fully intend to find another job. I fully intend to do my best to get employed it's just really NOT as easy as it sounds/looks (especially when you have chronic problems that make it nearly physically impossible for you to hold a regular job). All I'm saying is make me an offer for any service you believe I can provide and I will work out a deal with you. Of course, donations are ALWAYS accepted but if you feel you need something in exchange for your money I'll offer that too. I have nothing to lose.

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Though I am providing fan fiction as example, it's all smut anyway it's just to get an idea of how I write. My original work is for sale but there is a preview of that book that you can check out (the very first chapter has a pretty graphic sex scene so you can get a feel for how I write if that's something you are interested in)