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Feminist Denial About Male Suicide NEEDS TO END

Anti-Feminism, Mental HealthMonica Edwards2 Comments

This isn't the first time I've seen rationalization like this and I doubt it'll be the last but it definitely is the final straw and the moment where I open my mouth about it. Whenever male suicide statistics are brought up there is invariably some feminist will have to remind you that even though there is a high percentage of death from male suicide, more women ATTEMPT it so that's the BIGGER problem.

The actual sad fact of the matter is women's mental health is taken far more seriously in this world than men's. In fact there is still an incredible stigma around all sorts of male mental illnesses. This leaves men very silent about their suffering or in complete denial there is anything wrong with them. Considering there are plenty of women who find it unattractive when men cry, why would a man ever want to admit he's weak? Weakness/cowardice seems to be a big turn off to women.

Women always claim to not appreciate the spineless, cowardly men, the men who aren't dominant. It's the whole "Bad boy" and "Rebel without a cause" thing. So if a man isn't this way, doesn't know how to "sack up" and "be a man" he's perceived as weak. This is something that women openly find unattractive about men and they are damn well aware of it. This isn't exactly an official study but these are a lot of responses from men talking about how they were conditioned not to cry. And lets face it, it is more acceptable for a woman to openly express her emotions like that.

Women are more likely to have been treated for a mental health problem than men (29% compared to 17%).This could be because, when asked, women are more likely to report symptoms of common mental health problems. (Better Or Worse: A Longitudinal Study Of The Mental Health Of Adults In Great Britain, National Statistics, 2003)

Not only that but some disorders are seen as women's only issues. Even though men suffer from them just as much. I've already mentioned this before but men are less likely to be diagnosed with eating disorders and other body image disorders because even doctor's widely assume these are only things that women can suffer from. That men aren't insecure and as such they would have no reason to ever care about their body image. It's why terms like "Manorexia" are so common. To mock the idea that men could possibly have a disorder where he is suffering from extreme body image problems. Men get anorexia just like women and it's still called anorexia. No need to belittle it because a man has it, especially when the MOMENT a girl has an eating disorder people FLY OFF THE HANDLE about unfair beauty standards, that they seem to think doesn't exist for men EVEN THOUGH THEY TOTALLY DO.

The fact that feminists, especially, feel the aching need to remind EVERYONE that "Women ATTEMPT it more" is really unnerving and completely heartless. Remember what I brought up before? That women are more likely to report symptoms of depression and that men are conditioned (or feel as if they are conditioned) not to cry? As such the women who attempt suicide and don't die are more likely to get help, and be accepted for having a mental illness. Men on the other hand are forced to bury that shit because it's seen as weakness. However, apparently, in the feminist mind attempting to die and not dying then getting readily available help is FAR WORSE than actually dying. In fact studies show that women mostly do it as a cry for help not because they actually intend to die:

Although suicide rates are lower among women, women lead men two to one in suicide attempts. So, Murphy says at least 200,000 women are involved in suicide attempts annually. But he points out that attempted suicide most often is not an attempt to actually end one's life. Its purpose, he says, is to survive with changed circumstances.

"An attempted suicide is not really an attempt at suicide in about 95 percent of cases. It is a different phenomenon. It's most often an effort to bring someone's attention, dramatically, to a problem that the individual feels needs to be solved. Suicide contains a solution in itself," he says. (Source)

So we live in this society where men realize that it's their better option to die than to admit their feelings and feminists still seem to feel the need to remind people "Wah wah women are more depressed and get help more because it's more acceptable to do so because OMG MALE PRIVILEGE" because that would seemingly be the logic. The statistics here are not misleading, men die at a much higher rate than women when it comes to suicide. Since this is the case it's quite obvious that the BIGGER problem is MEN DYING because they feel they live in a world where they cannot show weakness since society (mostly WOMEN) see a weak man as gross and unappealing. If feminists really ARE for equality how about we start with that?