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Steven Universe Tumblr SJWs Have Panic Attacks Over Nothing

Fandoms, Social Justice, TumblrMonica Edwards1 Comment

I'm not in the Steven Universe fandom, I have a few friends that are, but I'm personally not. Over the years I've seen information here and there about SJWs saying the dumbest shit possible about this show, which is a children's cartoon show marketed to children. Not people of the age who are on tumblr. It's kind of what adult men did with MLP. I'm not bashing adults watching cartoons, by the way, I still watch cartoons. Neither of these ones but I'll watch old episodes of Spongebob or Rocko's Modern Life, shit like that, doesn't bother me and I think these shows are funny. However I also recognize, at least with Spongebob which is still relevant, that the show is meant for kids. Not an entirely adult fan base.

That being said, some of the issues have been trivial and nonsensical but it's tumblr so what do you expect? For instance there is a character, I think named Amethyst? She's purple. Huge girl, curvy with big lips. The SJWs have labeled her a POC and have gone out of their way to harass white people who cosplay her even though the creators have said she doesn't have a race. She's not even a human. Seriously, she's fucking purple. Take a look at this conversation to check out what I mean. 

 ( Source )

Here we see some SJW or something saying that white people should "Cosplay their own kind" cause it's preferable but then they try to justify it by asking people not to shame anyone, and reinforce that this character is POC at the same time. Then the person who responded reminded them the creator, or at least one of them, said that none of them have any race. Tumblr still doesn't agree with this. Also they don't even seem to realize that they are using stereotypes they hate to define people as POC. Like I said this girl has curvy thighs and big lips and all that so she's black? Or a representation of black people? Yet if a white person got on that site and said something about black girls having big lips and huge asses they'd immediately be called racist. I see crap like this all the time, only because I'm anti-sjw not because I'm in the fandom.

Recently there was a girl who attempted to kill herself because she was harassed so badly by this fandom. She drew fan art they didn't like (and was also utterly non-offensive to basically everyone). Yet the SJWs took all of this out of context and harassed her until she tried to kill herself and they knowingly did this. They knew she was bipolar and they knew she had problems so they attacked the shit out of her trying to bait her into suicide.  It has been confirmed that she actually did attempt it based on this post here.

The thing is, people are still harassing her and still telling her to die. Either that or the same people who bullied her in the first place are now claiming that she's "faking" this and she isn't in the hospital and she's completely fine. They believe this is okay to do because she drew a fan art version of a fat character as skinny. Literally that's their problem. It's fucking stupid as fuck. Even on that very video where she talks about attempting suicide, the SJWs are reblogging it to shit all over her.

They are in super denial over what they've done even though it's been more than confirmed this happened. Also the way they justify this is ridiculous. The walls are white just like her other pictures. Yeah so are hospital walls and my walls and most people's walls. This isn't any proof she's not in a hospital. Also in the video she's clearly sedated, and I know that in some psych wards depending on your condition/status, you can have a phone/computer at certain hours OR while you are being monitored. It's not even that uncommon of a practice. I've had friends attempt suicide and get hospitalized who were still updating their facebook. It's not uncommon at all these days. In any case the creators heard about this and started to tweet about it. The results are awesomely hilarious.

Here is a creator who says that people can draw whatever they want, when an SJW questions him and asks if it's okay to draw "Skinny Rose" (A fat character in the show) he quotes his own tweet to send back to them to reinforce what he said. This led to several hundred fake panic attacks on Tumblr:

These people are literally this butthurt that the creators do not advocate censorship like they do, that they go on the internet, fake pretend to have a mental breakdown, all because they don't want someone to draw a skinny version of a fat character because....? I dunno I guess it oppresses fat people? I really don't understand WHY they are this upset they just are. What's even more funny is the creator who said this original knew that his tweet would be used against him as seen here:

This is insanely hilarious and sad. Mostly hilarious but the fact that these people bullied a girl into attempting suicide, and then some how made it all about themselves while justifying their behavior is fucking insane. It's the very definition of why tumblr is a cesspool. The fandoms are overrun with SJWs. Honestly it's very similar to my own experience in the Hannibal fandom. I was getting treated like this girl for months, and I imagine if I actually was suicidal or something it would have ended up far differently. But I know what she went through because I went through it, I'm just not of the same mental health as her. I'm also far older and decided to call it quits because I don't do high school bullshit drama.

This is tumblr, this is the fandoms, this is what they do, how they act, and how they behave. It happened to me, it's happened to others. The moment that SJWs got injected into fandom life everything went to shit. Fandoms were bad enough before the feminists and SJWs crammed their way in there but now it seems 90% of any given fandom IS made up of those types of people.

What the original artist did wasn't even offensive. There was nothing wrong with her work, she wasn't being racist or sexist or transphobic or anything they accused her of. Still, even if she had been SUPER racist, well guess what? SHE DOESN'T DESERVE TO DIE. Art isn't something someone needs to die over. Even racist art. How are you better than a bigot if you are actively trying to kill them or get them to kill themselves? There are honest to god Neo-Nazis on that website and I wouldn't even ask THEM to die.

As I've said a thousand times before, tumblr is a fucking cesspool, they turn everything into some sort of stupid issue where all things are problematic and if you don't agree with them you deserve to kill yourself or be killed. Oh and they will give you several nice suggestions on how to do it as well. When you do die or attempt it they will laugh in your face or claim you are faking it in order to justify what they've done.

These are teens (and in some cases young adults or actual adults) very aware of what they are doing, why it's wrong, and still behaving this way. This website should either be moderated FAR BETTER or just be shut down completely. At this point I'm positively amazed at the lack of media attention this site gets, considering how many news outlets will carry stories about Facebook and Twitter related suicides/harassment. It's time to end tumblr or at least draw far more attention to the problems there so parents pull their shitty kids from that site and do their goddamn job as parents. 

Oh and the Steven Universe people may just have a new fan. I'm not super interested in the show, but knowing they are cool enough to tell tumblr people to go outside more over this is good enough to at least give it a watch: