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The Internet Is Not Your Safe Space

Anti-Feminism, Social Justice, Social Media, TumblrMonica EdwardsComment

Obviously this has already been covered by the latest episode of South Park, which was awesome, but I wanted to point out that people like this actually exist and there are a lot of them. What's even more funny is they some how fail to realize that they are exactly the joke that South Park is making.

So she/he whatever requests that YOU keep this a safe space for THEIR followers. Okay well news flash, whoever this is, they control the content of their own blog. So if anything all they really have to do is not post things that would be triggering. However if you scroll through their blog they seem fond of reblogging offensive bullshit just to tell people they are blocking them. Oh and I mean offensive to THEM bullshit not actually anything offensive. For instance:

She/he said (in her original post) that truscum and holocaust deniers were the same thing they are both denying the truth. Yeah they aren't the same thing. If you don't know the definition of truscum it's someone who believes that you need to experience gender dysphoria in order to be transgender which is the actual definition of transgender. If a person is not experiencing dysphoria then they aren't transgender they become an attention seeker, aka, something called a "Tucute" on Tumblr. This is why I said that it's funny how people who believe in the true definition are some how scum (the name that tumblr gave them) and the people who believe trans is a fashion label and trendy are "cute". Also this person seems fond of using this same response to just about anyone who calls them out on their bullshit and then blocking them. So I went to look at their blog and I find this:

This person, whoever he/she is, is upset that the REALLY STUPID POST they made about truscum and holocaust deniers is being reblogged with correct information on why she/he's an idiot. By the way, I'm unclear of this person's real gender because in their pictures they present as completely female but they demand you call them he/they. So I'm guessing that they are one of the people who think that they can choose their gender. One of the "I'M NOT A GIRL" people who totally is a girl but wants to be special or some shit I dunno. Their blog is allegedly about BPD and not triggering people but they completely go out of their way to trigger people by adding in content which they seem to believe is triggering enough to block the people that said it. One look at their bio and you know they are a nut job:

Apparently they wrote some kind of book and are trying to pimp it out on this website. Just scrolling through their blog which is a "recovery blog" it seems apparent they aren't anywhere near an expert on BPD. They are also unemployed so I'm guessing whatever this book is, it's ePublished and doesn't have a legit fact in it. I'm not knocking ePublishing, cause a lot of authors get their start that way, but someone trying to publish a book on psychological disorders they know nothing about to sell to other people who know nothing about the same thing is utterly asinine. Further more she/he is a feminist and seems to think that you can just choose to be trans. She also openly tells people they aren't welcome there if they are a certain thing, whatever. Considering she thinks that people who believe you need gender dysphoria to be trans are transphobic and triggering, I can only imagine what her definition of racism and sexism is. Probably the usual feminist definition of "what ever the hell I personally don't like".

People like this actually do exist. Which makes episodes of South Park like "safe space" all the more funny and all the more sad. If these people are aware that South Park is doing this, are they also not aware of how much of a joke they look? They prove true a show that is known for some of the most vile and vicious humor out there. Yet this season, Trey and Matt barely have to do anything but TRUTHFULLY point out how fucking stupid people are on social media. ALL their material is 100% written for them because this is actually something that is really going on. I deal with these types of people ALL the time and it's fucking frustrating. At least now there is more attention being drawn to it but will that be enough?

The internet isn't YOUR safe space. The internet is home to billions of people who are going to have opinions YOU don't like. You don't get to tell them what to post, especially on their own blogs, and if you don't like something it's easily avoidable. Honestly, it is no one's job to keep YOU safe and make sure YOU aren't triggered. So of course I leave you with this: (because I couldn't have said it better myself)