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Angry, Obsessed, and Delusional [The Fannibals Are Still At It]

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In a nutshell, there have been about 5 different people constantly on my ass for years now trying to "destroy" me because they don't like my cosplay or opinions about Hannibal. Like how it's not going to have a season four, because it's not. These five women (three of them are considerably older than I am and in their 40s) have taken it upon themselves to attempt to destroy my life in defense of not only a fictional TV show (NBC'S Hannibal) but in the defense of a criminal scam artist known as Jennifer Cornet. She's well known, basically infamous. For years I've been trying to clarify with some of them what their actual problem is and most recently one of them (who says she's 47 years old and claims to be a high functioning autistic woman) has been ranting at me about how I'm not the *REAL* Freddie Lounds and how Jennifer Cornet didn't use to run Tattle-Crime.com (even though she did and there's hard evidence to support this). I put it all together in a video [Watch Here] but in a nutshell, this is pretty much what this woman, Katie, thinks is going on with me:

  1. I am not the real Freddie Lounds because the "real" one ran off because I'm so crazy I made her run off. 
  2. I'm a meth addict and have "meth teeth" (I'm pretty sure she doesn't know what meth is or what meth teeth look like)
  3. I have 100 different "sock puppet accounts" and no one agrees with me and everyone thinks I'm crazy. 
  4. However, I also have minions who I send out to do my bidding even though also no one agrees with me, likes me, and all these accounts are actually my accounts.
  5. I'm super ugly and my Freddie Lounds cosplay is super bad and "fake" because I'm the "fake Freddie"

As you can imagine at first this was tiring now it's just amusing. She watches all of my videos, reads all of my tweets, checks all of my personal accounts to read that stuff, while at the same time openly claiming no one cares about me, no one likes me, no one believes me, and I need to just go away. She claims that I have multiple personalities and multiple accounts while at the same time apparently having some army of people to go spying for me I guess. Of course, she saw the video I made of her and made a blog post about it which I'd have never even seen except she specifically told me to go read it. No, I'm serious here's the message she sent me.

 [Actual DM from Her Twitter To Me]

[Actual DM from Her Twitter To Me]

Right so I went to read it just to amuse myself (and she has comments on it locked by the way because I guess she didn't want me to leave a comment telling people that she told me to come and read it) because she wants people to think I'm stalking her...not the other way around? I don't know I really don't understand this woman. In any case, I decided to respond to her weird ranting and disprove everything she said as best I can with the facts I have at my disposal. Her original post is archived here so if she later deletes it you can see it actually happened. 

The Fandom Troll never gives up. I had something totally different planned for today but since I'm trying to stick to some sort of a schedule it's gonna move to early next week.

I don't think anyone reads her blog like ever so I have no idea what she thinks she had planned. Most of her posts are a random grab bag of word vomit and nothing and I doubt anyone even cares she wrote this about me. I mean, I don't even care. Also, I like how she refers to me as "THE FANDOM TROLL" as if no one else ever hates on Hannibal or thinks it's awful or anything. It's just ONE person and that person is me. Yeah. Stunningly idiotic.

I refuse to name her(she'll see this,I'm sure) but I would like to address a few things and I have no idea where to start,to be quite honest but I'll start with the Jennifer Cornet thing. She claims that the(real)Freddie Lounds Cosplayer is a woman named Jennifer Cornet. Even this was true, what's so bad about that?well, google Final Fantasy House.There's everything you might want to know right there.But I don't think that they are the same person.It also has to be said that there are people she fixates on(more about that in a minute)

As I pointed out, I only saw this post because she directly told me to come and read it otherwise I'd have never seen it. She decides she's going to start by disproving that the owner of Tattle-Crime.com (former owner) is Jennifer Cornet (or was). Then she says "Even if she is so what's bad about that" and mentions the Final Fantasy VII house. Well, that in of itself is extremely bad. Jennifer Cornet is a manipulative scam artist. She's a rapist by all accounts, at very least some kind of sexual predator. She brainwashed a bunch of people into believing in some religion she made up and a whole thing about soul bonding.

If she also ran Tattle-Crime.com (which she totally and completely did) then yes that's a very bad thing and she needs to be stopped. How are you going to downplay this when the facts of the Final Fantasy VII house are very well known at this point? Plus, there is tons of proof that this woman you call "Freddie" is Jennifer Cornet starting with a photo identification from someone who met her as "Freddie" and voice identification from her former cult members who heard her speaking on videos I have of her as Freddie. At this point, the only people in denial of this are these 5 women. Katie included. 


I know ID information is blurred out but there's a reason. If you can see what these people have done to me for saying this stuff about "Freddie" then you'd understand why I'd keep someone else anonymous. I suppose you don't have to believe me but these are real screenshots from a real conversation with someone who has met Jennifer and knew her as Freddie first (then Constance Flynn). Sorry, Katie, but you'd been debunked already and this here is my proof. This woman you refer to as the "Real Freddie" is actually Jennifer Cornet. End of damn story. 

As for her weird statement about "The Real Freddie Cosplayer" well if you Google the term "Freddie Lounds Cosplay" several different cosplayers come up (including myself) here are some examples:

Untitled design (27).jpg

The thing about cosplay is that a lot of people can cosplay the same character and the cosplays range from awful to well done (two of these are awful and I think you can see why). The point is that there isn't just ONE person who cosplays Freddie Lounds, there never has only been ONE person, there isn't a REAL Freddie Lounds because she's a fictional character and you can't claim Jennfier Cornet is the only one, was the only one, or is the "True Freddie Lounds". Just because Bryan Fuller wrongly endorsed her before knowing who the hell she was, doesn't mean she is the "Real" Freddie. Plus, Jennifer didn't even cosplay this is what Jennifer did:


That's not cosplaying that's just being weird surrounded by your own merchandise for your own unofficial website that you claim is official because you think it is, not because it actually is. Moving on. 

Second, WRT to Freddie(and to other things such as Fannibal conventions:what is so wrong with Fannibals wanting to keep the fandom going by buying stuff related(however tenuously)to the show.As for conventions..maybe the way that they run the convention works for them.Also?They're not doing things BECAUSE OF HER..she really should not flatter herself. We're talking someone who hates the Hannibal fandom with the passion of a million burning suns but she has been on the edges (but really completely outside)of the fandom.We're talking about someone who has created sock puppet accounts to follow certain fannibals and put what they said on her blog. She has the biggest hate on for Fannibals.

I never said anything was wrong with stupid people buying stupid things with their money. Ever. The only reason I point this out is because you have to be pretty obsessed to pour hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars into a TV show that only has 39 episodes and has been canceled for three years. The reason I bring up that these people buy really stupid shit like "murder glitter" or fishing lures named after Hannibal characters isn't because I think it's wrong for them to buy this stupid crap, it's to show how obsessed they are with a show. You have to be pretty damn obsessed to buy that shit instead of normal official merchandise that actually makes sense, or even good art. There's a difference. 

Then she brings up these sockpuppet accounts I allegedly have, though when pushed to name any of them she can't. Then she directly contradicts herself by claiming I have minions to do my bidding. Which is it, Katie? Am I in this by myself and doing everything myself or do I have my own cult with minions? Do you even know what you're talking about at this point or are you just throwing crap at the wall hoping something sticks (when none of it is sticking). I have two twitter accounts. One for my normal personal stuff and one for my TattleCrime website. I have 3 youtube channels, one for this website, one for TattleCrime stuff and one for Horror content. I have two blogs. This blog and my horror blog. I have three facebooks. The one for this website, the one for my horror stuff, and the one for TattleCrime. That's it. It's all a normal level of social media to connect to everything else and I barely update most of it (which she knows because she religiously checks each and every one waiting for me to say something). 

Out of all my blogs (of which there are literally 2) I've only mentioned the Fannibals a handful of times. The TattleCrime YouTube only got somewhat popular a month ago (by which I mean barely popular it only has like 500 subscribers) and because I want to maintain subscribers I put up more videos (not like I'm lacking content given how her and the others behave) but that's all I do. I don't have 100 secret accounts. I don't have one account dedicated to following each fannibal. None of this shit is stuff I do. In fact, I'm willing to bet that the reason she thinks this is happening is because she's doing it. She's probably the one running the dedicated twitter hate account for me right now and just pretending it's not her. I don't do any of this shit she's claiming and considering she can't even name alleged accounts where I'm doing this, you know she's making it up. 

Don't get her started on Hannibal having a Season 4(she doesn't think that it is going to happen and calls Fannibals who say it is "delusional" and worse.And Hannigram.Another one of the things that sets her off(yo be fair there are a lot of things that set her off.)

It is factually not going to happen and I think I have all of three videos that explain why, factually, with facts. Hannibal season 4 will never happen. I have a TON of videos up and the vast majority of them are not about Hannibal (or why Hannibal won't have a season four) I have literally one blog post about it and that's it. This isn't something I'm obsessed with like they are not nearly. It's something I've mentioned maybe 5% of the time out of 100% of what I've ever done. The problem with people like her is they think that this one opinion that I said a handful of times is me being obsessed. I also don't even know what she means by "being set off" cause I'm not. Explaining facts and logic and educating people on the situation isn't being set off. It's, well, explaining my side of the story. These are two different things. If anyone is set off it's her because she can't fucking leave me alone and hasn't left me alone for 4 fucking years. Meanwhile, I've taken great long periods of time where I've said nothing about her or the fandom. You decide. 

As I mentioned before she gets fixated on certain people(including me) but you know what?She wants/wanted to be part of the fandom so badly but her bad attitude(and unpopular opinions-if you tell her that she is full of shit she will not leave you alone.She's right and everyone else is wrong and her opinions are valid.Well,OK,..we all know what they say about opinions and assholes, right? But she has this..dog with a bone thing going on.And she goes off on people and won't let up. And everyone avoids her as much as they can but she still has her blog and her YouTube channel(which is hilarious-I tuned in when she had her live Q and A a couple of months ago. As if anyone(apart from her followers who follow her because she represents their opinions-she's anti a lot if things,including feminism and I consider myself a feminist.She also uses(and I'm going to edit this word even though I don't usually censor myself) r*t*r*. You can probably figure out what that word is.Pretty much typical for the Fandom troll.

Katie quite literally followed me on my twitter to message me and harass me. The vast majority of the time I ignore her messages. The only reason I started to answer them was so I could do a video to prove what I was saying.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 9.06.48 PM.png

She claims I want to be a part of the fandom "so badly" but I don't. I hate the show (after season one). Why would I want to be part of a fandom for a show I hate after season one? Also, I don't ship Hannigram (and no it's not canon) and since the entire fandom that is left is hardcore obsessive Hannigram shippers why would I want to be a part of that either? Does she not understand that my disdain for this fandom, their delusional behavior, and their obsessive mannerisms have nothing to do with jealousy or wanting to belong because I think it's clear that I don't? 

She also admits that she tuned into my live Q&A a few months ago, which is creepy as fuck and I didn't even know until now, and claims that no one cares other than my followers who already follow me even though if she's been watching (and she has) she's seen my subscriber count on that channel go from 70 people to nearly 500 in two months. Except no one cares...and a lot of people attended that live Q&A which surely she also noticed? A lot of people asked questions. It went on non-stop for over an hour. I wasn't in there talking to myself. 

Oh also I'm evil cause I'm an anti-feminist and I use the word retard which she's censoring even though she usually doesn't censor herself and she's completely fine with using autism as an insult against me when it suits her but I'm not allowed to use the word retard, ever. 


At the end of the day, this is what's going on here: 

Katie is a 47 year old mentally ill woman who is obsessed with me and has been for 4 years. She was (and probably still is) completely devoted and brainwashed into Jennifer Cornet's ideology and thinks Jennifer is the real Freddie Lounds. She thinks it's okay to follow all of my private accounts and public accounts, harass me, harass my family, threaten me, threaten my family, and attempt to destroy me and my reputation over opinions she doesn't like, facts she doesn't like, the fact that I'm not a feminist (and don't share her same political views) and that I use the word retard on occasion. 

This is no different from other women in this fandom and in her age bracket like Nickie Michaud Wild or Monica Morais. They are all obsessed with me, yet they love to paint the picture that I'm obsessed with them, when literally I wouldn't even know this blog post existed has Katie not come to tell me to read it. My proof against them is far more staggering than anything they can say about me (which is nothing more than lies, rumors and opinions) this is the last time I will ever be addressing this, especially her, and I hope that she gets some much needed therapy (along with the rest of them) because it's very clear they all need it. Hannibal is dead and it's not coming back, I'm not the reason why, if you need to hate someone, hate Bryan Fuller. Jesus Christ this is ridiculous.