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GrubHub: The Worst Place To Work For

RantsMonica EdwardsComment

The pay for GrubHub is actually very good and in a perfect world where the company actually knew how to run itself and wasn't awful, it would be a great job. A fun job. Not a problem. Except, this isn't a perfect world and literally everyone who works at GrubHub in any capacity is an idiot. I've tried to deal with this stuff for quite a few months, mostly because the pay rate was good enough that I could put up with some minor incompetence on the part of GrubHub but enough is enough so let's start from the top. 

Within the first two weeks the app just straight up stopped working when I was in the middle of a delivery. They said it was my fault. The thing is, it wasn't my fault. I have no control over that. The problem with the app at the time seemed to be that I was in a "poor service area" except I had full bars and literally everything else on my phone worked. Every social media app and my phone worked fine. Fine enough that I could call them and tell them the app stopped working. I questioned how, exactly, was the app telling me I was in a poor service area if literally everything else worked on my phone, including making calls. They said it was my fault and to "drive around" until it worked again. That was the solution. The guy gave me some random BS about cell towers and talked down to me like I was a moron. 

Now, I get that I'm not some cellular expert here but typically when someone is in a poor service area for a cell phone little to nothing works. Not just ONE thing. Which I explained to him. He kept giving me bullshit about cell towers being weak and I just needed to get closer to one. Yeah, see, if my entire phone shut down and was barely working that explanation would make sense, but that wasn't what was going on. I think they knew that this was the case because within two days of me filing that complaint they came out with an update for the app and that stopped happening but they never admitted that it was their fault. Their app sucks by the way completely sucks. 

Fine, so whatever. Then, over the next week I constantly am getting orders about 40 minutes after I was supposed to get them. Let me explain how this works.

Basically, you get an order for some food to pick up and it says: Pick Up By X time. It's also usually a reasonable amount of time to get from whatever location you are at to the restaurant. Like, it'll be a restaurant 20 minutes away from your location so the pick up time will reflect that and you can get there get the food and deliver it. Well, what started to happen is that it would say PICK UP BY X TIME and the time would be 40 minutes behind when I was supposed to pick it up originally. So like I was supposed to pick it up at 4:25 but the time is now 5:30 or some shit. I'd call them, constantly, about this. Like I'm getting orders super late and there's nothing I can do about this. They would call me and yell at me for being slow when I literally just got the order 30 seconds prior, it just looked like I was 40 minutes late which I had no control over. I've complained about this multiple times and though it's gotten kind of better it's not entirely fixed. I also get restaurants yelling at me for being late when I got the order late to begin with, which has nothing to do with me. 

Recently, I was working and my phone was sitting right by me. An order came in. Took me about ten seconds at most to accept it. I went and delivered the order. When I checked later to see my pay history it said I missed an order. For one, no I didn't, for two the order it said I missed was also the order I had just delivered. I called them again and was like, "Why does this order say it was missed I just delivered it" and they claimed they didn't know and would "have to look into it" which took them three days. Then I get an email saying "Hey, the error is definitely not on our end with our app so we're not going to pay you for that order". MOTHER FUCKING WHAT NOW? 

Finally, today is the last straw with this shit honestly. I signed up to work on their schedule which you have to do early (like beginning of the week early or everything gets taken). Three minutes before I'm supposed to clock in they send me an email saying my account is suspicious and they are terminating all my blocks. FUCKING WHY? Oh and guess what, no one has the answer. No. Because I called in and I was like, "Why is this happening?" and GrubHub doesn't freaking know because why would they? Why would they have any sort of knowledge about their drivers who work for their company? So they tell me to contact the "driver specialist". Well this guy is so freaking special and important I have to sign up for a time to get the privilege to talk to him so he can explain this to me...3 hours AFTER the point where I was supposed to start work. 

I don't know what the hell is even suspicious. For the past month I've accepted every order they give me and delivered it. They constantly send me outside of my region boundaries to deliver as well. THEY do that. They give me a place to pick up that's within the region then send me outside of the borders to deliver it then I get beeps and alerts and shit about how I left the region boundaries when they sent me outside of there in the first place. I follow the rules. They tell you that when you clock on you need to be within the region boundary to get orders, I always am. I don't get a ton of orders which, I fail to see how I have any control over that, and when I do get orders I always deliver them within a reasonable amount of time or within the time I'm supposed to. 

The good news is because they were such a pain in the ass headache to work for, I already got a new job somewhere else because they were only supposed to be a temporary job until I got a new one anyway. They do pay well, and when their app works and is doing everything right, it's a fun and easy job. The problem here is that there are so many problems on their end of things technically and "Driver support" wise that it just becomes intolerable. I'm glad I had the foresight to see this was coming and get a new job when I did because honestly they aren't worth the headache with all the problems they create.