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It's More Expensive To Be A Man

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

A very long while back I did a video about how it’s not expensive to be a woman because it’s not. Then I basically forgot about it because it was a long time ago and there were more idiotic things to worry about. The basis of this feminist delusion is that women HAVE to buy makeup and HAVE to buy expensive hair products and HAVE to have a different outfit and different shoes for EVERY occasion. Like this is some sort of mandatory rule, not only that, but they HAVE to buy everything themselves and they can’t get anywhere in life if they don’t have the latest fashion, makeup, or accessories. Feminists insists that this is something that is forced upon women with no option otherwise and if you don’t do all of these things at your own expense then you are seen as “worthless”, won’t find a man, won’t get a job, will never be successful. All that bullcrap.

Moving right along, I got a comment on that video recently and it was absolutely infuriating as well as ignorant. First off, the person who’s screen name is “Seriously Obsessed” starts about talking about the tax on tampons which is “unfair” because the government considers it a luxury item. Okay I guess that’s “stupid” but considering a box of brand name good tampons costs under 5 fucking dollars who gives a shit. It’s not like you have to buy a box a month for 100 dollars then pay 50 dollars more on some stupid luxury tax. I constantly wonder what the hell these feminists are shoving up their crotch that is so expensive that they think those specific items need to be free or tax free. Men have to by razors, men have to shave, well, to a certain point. Every place I’ve worked had some sort of dress code on how men had to keep their facial hair. A lot of places I worked completely banned facial hair for men. Ergo, to keep a job, a man would have to invest in a razor in order to go to work. There are other things men need, there are other things we all need. Toothpaste, water, shampoo, soap, food…my point is that where do we draw the line?

Everyone needs things to survive, everyone has expenses. People also should learn how to budget and not expect everything to free because that’s not how the world works. Tampons are probably the least expensive thing I am “forced” to buy every month by the “evil patriarchy” so I’m not even sure why this seems to be highest on their list of complaints. Except, it gets even more stupid from that point. She goes on to say this:

Your argument about makeup is flawed because women are expected and pushed to wear makeup and look their best at all times and when they don’t they are regarded as rebels or ill while men don’t have to care about their looks. Women are told from birth that they have to look perfect in order to get a good job and find love and the only way to do that is to spend large amounts of money on beauty products, while men are told from birth that they are great and everything in their lives will work out fine no matter how ugly of dumb they may be. So yes it is more expensive to be a woman.

You know, my mother was on my ass all the time as a young teen and young adult to wear makeup. ALL THE TIME. She even took me to buy a lot of it. I wore it for maybe a month or so before deciding I really didn’t give that much of a shit about wearing makeup because it was so much work in the morning and I’d rather be asleep as much as possible instead of having to wake up an hour every day before school just to get ready. It seemed pointless to me. I was “pushed” by other girls as well because I didn’t wear makeup. They made fun of me, I was a nerd or geek or weirdo or whatever. The point is that I didn’t care. I didn’t see the big deal about it. I wasn’t going to wear makeup because other people did or because people were telling me to. I’m not even the only one on this boat. I know plenty of women who don’t bother with makeup, or wear only minor things like eyeliner and lip gloss. Not a full face of makeup. I get that some women feel they NEED it (to cover blemishes or acne) and if a woman wants to wear makeup, I have nothing against that either. My point is that women, every single day, choose not to wear makeup and get along just fine.

The thing that gets me the most in this comment is that she said that men are told they are perfect all the time and they need to worry about nothing even if they are ugly or dumb. That no one cares what they look like and they get away with everything and this is why it’s more expensive to be a woman.

What? That’s not true at all. From my perspective as a woman, here are some things just off the top of my head that I’m aware men literally HAVE to do, in order to be considered successful as well as attract a woman:

  • Have a good job
  • Have nice clothes
  • Have a nice car
  • Not be fat
  • Not be dirty
  • Not have a bunch of acne
  • Not be too hairy (or in some cases not be hairy enough)
  • A gut is okay but nothing past a “dad” body

For some reason, women like her (Aka: Feminists) Think this is all just stuff that is handed to them. Men don’t have to worry about how they look my ass. If that was true I’m pretty sure men would walk around with acne covered faces and greasy ass hair. Don’t take this the wrong way because if it were also true for women, women would do the same. This isn’t even a gendered issue. Both men and women are expected to look at very least presentable if they want to attract a mate. Men have to work at it just as hard if not more to get any recognition.

Men are told from birth to be tough, protectors. They are told that they need to bring home the bacon, get the high paying job, be the CEO, the doctor, the lawyer, the engineer. Men are conditioned from the very goddamn start to think they have to achieve the highest standards ever or they won’t be wanted, by anyone. How many really hot teenage girls are going out with the smelly acne covered guy who never washes his hair? How about 0? This isn’t a thing that women ignore, ever. If anything, this is what is complained about the most. It’s seemingly more lucky for men because money and power seems overwhelmingly more attractive to women than actual looks but if you are going to be a fat ugly guy you also better be a billionaire.

Everyone is superficial in this society, men and women. Men are expected to be well groomed, have nice skin, have nice hair, have a decent body (if not a perfect one) be tall, be muscular, be in good shape, have a large dick. They are also expected to be smart or have a job that a smart man would have. They are expected to be way more than just dicks that sit around waiting for women to fall on them, and where the hell she got the idea that anything is any different than that boggles my mind.

I don’t disagree that women have these messages coming flying at them from everywhere either but how about just tuning them out? Men have the same exact body standard messages flying at them too. All the time. All of it is bullshit and none of it is mandatory. Just as much as you’ll see a “flawless” woman on a magazine promoting female beauty you will see it for men too. Not all men have smooth skin and a six pack while also being 6 feet tall and driving a BMW. These things aren’t just handed to men for having a penis.

Men live shorter life spans, work far harder, and pay the biggest price for being born the gender they are. I absolutely cannot stand idiot feminists like her who actually believe this bullshit. As if women are literally slaves and have to order makeup and expensive ass tampons every month or NO one will want them and they’ll be bigger spinsters for all eternity. Honestly, if this is what feminism is teaching women, this is the exact reason why it’s not needed any more and the number one argument against it.