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Forced Diversity In Media Breeds Hatred

Anti-SJWMonica EdwardsComment

I’m not someone who ever cared about race. I’ve always cared about how people treated me. Race, to me, isn’t an important factor on how I judge someone. I don’t decide anything based on skin color alone. I grew up in a time where everyone was taught that being ‘color blind’ was the best option and to treat everyone as an individual so that’s what I’ve always done. It’s worked well until, basically the last 5 or so years, maybe 10. I’ll explain what I mean.

SJWs are now overly concerned with the race of everyone, especially in TV shows. There’s not enough representation of this/that and the other. That ‘historically’ TV shows have been ‘predominantly white’ and there’s never been any black anything ever. Which isn’t even true. I can name several shows I watched growing up and still enjoy on reruns that were of black families. Family Matters was a hugely popular show with mostly black characters. Same with Brandy, Sinbad, My Wife and Kids, Fresh Prince Of Bell Air…all of which I watched. I even watched that Tia and Tamara show about the twins.

My point is that they were good shows and I certainly didn’t care that everyone in them was black. I watched this stuff by my own choice as a kid and young adult. They were funny shows. They had great characters. I really could care less what their skin color was. What’s the point of that? And growing up, everyone I knew watched these shows. White kids, Asian kids, Black kids, Hispanic kids. No one sat around discussing how black they were they talked about the characters and how funny they were or what they did in the last episode. Also, if white people really hated black families on TV so much none of these shows would have been successful because white people would have had to watch them. A lot of white people, and black people, and everyone else.

Now, though, all SJWs want to do is shove in your face some quota for every show and how many black people (or lack of them) there are. It’s made me hyper-aware of race when back in the day it was something I never noticed or cared about. I just liked the characters. Even worse, now when I see a show with diversity it feels unnatural as fuck. Even if it’s a good show. When back in the day, shows with lots of diversity never actually were something I noticed. I’ll give an example.

Recently I started watching a show called The Orville which is written by Seth MacFarlane. If you know anything by him or about him, you know he’s not in the business of catering to the SJWs. He is really liberal himself but considering the content of shows like Family Guy and American Dad, it’s obvious the man isn’t in the business to please these types of people. Several episodes of Family Guy have blatantly made fun of them, and Brian (the liberal on the show) is always being made fun of for trying to be politically correct and progressive but also a hypocrite. The reason I bring all this up is important because it leads into the fact that The Orville, run by the same man, isn’t going to contain FORCED diversity because Seth MacFarlane isn’t that type of man.

Except, the very first episode of The Orville, what was I instantly aware of? How many black characters there were, how many female characters there were, and the fact that one of the female characters is literally the physically strongest character in the entire show.

Had this show aired 10 or 15 years ago, I’d have never noticed any of that. Now I do, and though I know Seth MacFarlane of all people wouldn’t do that to please anyone, I feel like it was done on purpose to please a bunch of people anyway. I feel that way because SJWs never fucking shut up about inclusion and race and making sure everyone is aware at all times of all races. I know this is the case, that I wouldn’t have noticed it, because of something really weird.

Recently I got all of the seasons of Married With Children and have been watching them on a marathon because that was a great show. I watched it all the time back in the day. I have some episodes memorized. The ‘problem’ is now when I watch it I’m hyper-aware of race when I don’t even have memories of the show like that. My memory of the show is just laughter. Great jokes, great set-ups, it was probably the best ‘family’ oriented sitcom ever. If you ask me. That’s how I remember the show if I think back to the 90s when I first watched it.

Now I’m watching it and I’m aware of how many black characters there are, how many Asian characters there are, how many women there are, how they portray all of these people and what SJWs would say now, despite the show actually being progressive at the time. This show was one of the very first shows to have a woman direct episodes. Not only was she female but she was a lesbian. This show had many milestones and yet, in my mind, it’s all been reduced to SJW bullshit and representation.

In the show, in a great many later episodes Al’s best friend at the shoe store is Griff, a black guy. They are just friends. There are race jokes made but not blatantly stupid SJW based ones, universal ones that everyone can laugh at. It’s not even heavily race-based, they are more just jokes. Though there is the implication that Al is a ‘corny white guy’ there’s way more emphasis placed on the fact that he’s CORNY and not that he’s WHITE and CORNY. Griff is more smooth and always does better with the female customers (black or white females keep in mind) and though there’s the implication that he’s smoother and more ‘chill’ because he’s black it’s never specifically pointed out.

Al and Griff just get along because they are friends.

Then we have the whole thing with the females on the show. Kelly, Peg, and Marcy. How do I remember them? Funny. What do I notice now? Well, just about every damn joke they do would never be allowed now. Or the fact that feminists are always screaming “WOMEN ARE FUNNY OMG” but then never actually give us funny women. These days there’s an astounding lack of funny women. Like painfully. Which is why I keep going back to 90s sitcoms.

In this show, there was so much physical comedy with all of these women. There was also self deprecating humor. Peg being a lazy, shallow bitch. Kelly being an easy, dumb, bimbo slut. Marcy being an annoying radical feminist who was flat chested and looked like a little boy. Once again, this isn’t stuff you see now almost ever but it was funny and it worked because these women knew comedy, knew timing, and knew how to act. None of this would be allowed now because it’s “wrong” to portray women as bitches and lazy, it’s wrong to portray women as slutty and stupid, and it’s wrong to make fun of a woman for “looking like a boy” or being flatchested and feminist. Not to mention all the fat women jokes, women in bikinis, or any other non-politically correct humor. The thing is Married with Children was and still is one of the funniest shows that ever happened and it could never be made now because everyone would crap their pants over how racist/sexist and whatever other -ist that it is.

We are talking about young people who think Friends is transphobic, homophobic, and racist. Now, I wasn’t a huge fan of that show myself, but I damn well know it wasn’t those things I mean holy shit. They’d probably all have a heart attack if they were forced to sit down and watch Married With Children.

I don’t like this person I’ve become, I don’t like that I notice this so much. I shouldn’t notice this. I should like a character like Griff because he’s funny and he was a good character. I should like a character like Peggy because she was funny and witty and had some really cutting insults. I shouldn’t be considering all of this to just watch a dumb sitcom. I shouldn’t sit here and think, “Wow that was misogynist feminists would hate that”. This isn’t a thing I should be concerned about because it’s useless.

These people, who want equality and want to claim that race doesn’t or shouldn’t matter have only made people annoyed by race and diversity. Even in current shows like The Orville where I’m 100% sure the diversity doesn’t exist to please anyone, I’m still hyper-aware of it when it would have never entered my mind before. These people will not get equality if this is how they behave because all it does is make people irritated. I’d love to just go back to blind ignorance and enjoy a show without doing some kind of SJW checklist to make sure it’ll stay on the air because it meets their criteria. Fuck these people.