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Stop Positive Reinforcement For False Accusations

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Just recently I was reading an article about a random celebrity. I'm not going to say who and you'll understand why in a moment as it's part of the point I'm trying to make. The article was pretty benign about this guy, but it was a male celebrity. It wasn't really a controversial article or something where you'd expect to find a comment of the nature that I found, but the comment was there. Now, this article was found on one of those idiot clickbait not real news websites. Think along the lines of Huff Post or whatever. A place that loves to sensationalize the crap out of everything and never really present real news. The key thing here is the article wasn't political in nature enough to evoke the type of comment I found either. The comment outright made the claim that the male celebrity in question was a pig because he met this person making the comment in a bar and tried to hit on her. She allegedly told him off then later, at the end of the night, he allegedly tried to force himself into her taxi and she and her friend kicked him out. 

People took this comment at face value immediately and there were very few people who tried to question this story which was obviously false. Just going by her comment and the story that she told, many holes could be poked in it. The reason I'm not repeating the comment, linking to it, or explaining where it is, will become clear in a moment. However, this girl chose that place to put the comment more than likely hoping that it would pick up some sort of traction and get her attention, sympathy, whatever. On a clickbait article on a sensationalist news site. Though the claim did not go as far as saying outright he tried to rape her, the intent she places on this celeb in the comment is pretty clear. He was attempting to force himself on her. He was so incredibly into her that not only did he hit on her at the bar, he waited the whole night for her, specifically, to get in a cab to go home, so he could try to force himself on her, some random stranger. 

Why am I not providing the source? Well, because I don't want to give her public attention. Nor should anyone. Even though I think she's full of bullshit because there's just too much wrong with her story for it to be believed if you have a working brain, spreading around her comment is really only giving her what she wants. Attention in some fashion. Clearly, the story was posted so people could sympathize with her and she could cling desperately to this bullshit #MeToo movement and because of the idiotic culture we live in, she's going to get all the shoulder pats in the world for dealing with this horrible pig of a man who was so horny and upset by her turning him down he tried to force himself into her cab. Which is something we need to stop doing, we as a society that is. 

Now, I'm guilty of doing this myself to some extent. Last year I found an equally fake story riddled with plot holes about another celebrity trying to force himself on another woman but if you actually read the story and analyzed what she was saying she either was straight up lying, or completely (on purpose) misconstruing the situation to make it sound like this guy was a rapist when in actuality, her story details her actively seeking out this man and trying to sleep with him, then changing her mind at the last minute and leaving. Somehow, she changes that situation into him trying to force himself on her when that's not what the story is. Yet, once again, on that blog post (because it's an entire blog post) 99% of the comment section are women consoling her for going through such horrible trauma and agreeing that the celebrity in question is a horrible pig. The story, by the way, exists to promote and sell a book about how great being sober is. No idea how it fits into that book (which is far from a best seller) but she used that story to promote herself and try to sell a book, which should tell you something about these types of women. 

We should not give them attention, positive or negative, especially not positive. Though there is something to be said for negative reinforcement, passing around what they said or repeating it while adding your own commentary isn't a good idea because you are still giving them an audience. We have a problem, these days, where girls dream up the craziest and stupidest of stories and get attention, and even instant stardom, for vaguely being connected to a celebrity (or not even being connected at all) that allegedly harassed, abused, or assaulted them (or attempted to). Not to mention that there is an alarming amount of young women who think a good career plan is to be an Instagram model or youtube star. To be what they are calling a "social media influencer". Which is a horrible career plan. We already have situations where people are doing stupid dangerous shit and even dying trying to make a viral video. Case in point, the girl who shot her boyfriend in the chest with a gun because he thought a book would stop the bullet. All for an attempt at a viral video because they wanted to be youtube stars instead of doing literally anything productive with their lives. 

We live in an era where an accusation, no matter how stupid can and will be believed. An era where even the most poorly constructed allegation stories can make a girl famous if they get enough attention. Famous enough for her to start her own channel, twitter, website, whatever and profit from telling said story. We live in an era where young women know this, and far too many of them are driven to find a way into internet stardom, to a point where they don't care whose lives they could or will potentially ruin as long as they get their fifteen minutes of fame thinking they'll be able to maintain it and parlay into it something else. Young women who have nothing going for them, aren't that smart and are money hungry fame whores who think it's perfectly fine to lie about celebrities and/or other men and situations to get attention, beg for money online, and live under the whole victim narrative. No marketable skills beyond being drama queens who can't even piece together a believable story, but the sad things is, no one even needs to do that anymore. 

It made me think back on times I've met certain male celebrities in person. Some more friendly than others. Some willing to offer hugs to female fans and have conversations with them. Imagining some woman, a bitter angry woman, watching this interaction from the outside and deciding on my behalf that I was harassed by a celebrity without ever asking me what the hell happened because this goes on too. Feminists seeing women interact with men and deciding, for them, that the man was overstepping his bounds and the woman is now a victim. Feminists forming entire fictional stories and narratives based on interactions they see and know very little about. 

This call-out culture needs to stop. This recent comment, the very first one I talked about, I doubt it's going to go anywhere or get any traction but that's really not the point. The actual point here is that people are doing this, that it doesn't always end by getting buried and ignored, and that comments like that destroy people's careers and lives. That young women think this is okay to do because when they do it, they get support immediately, and if you dare to question their intentions or if the story is even real or not, you are instantly branded some sort of victim blamer or whatever the hell. Positively reinforcing these young women with attention is not a good thing, in fact, it's a very bad thing. It's what's leading to men, famous or not, openly stating that they are done flirting with women, done talking to women, done interacting with women beyond the bare minimum that they have to. It's leading us into a point where men are terrified of doing anything with women or around them, and good women like me, who know the difference between actual harassment and harmless flirting are caught in the wake. It seems to me that these bitter attention whores don't realize what the fuck they are doing (nor do they care) as long as they get their turn at being "Queen Victim" and they get their shot at internet fame, a new article, and some kind of paycheck. We repeatedly reward these types of people via likes, thumbs up, and stupid supportive comments when what we should be doing is not ever giving them the time of day. 

Next time you see anything like this, don't say anything. Don't put it anywhere, don't talk about it, repost it, share it, whatever. If we stop indicating to these morons that this is in anyway okay they lose power. Sadly, because of the stupid fucking idiot SJW culture we currently live in, I don't think this is going to end soon. It'll get much worse, and it's already bad enough. I'm sick and tired of living in a world like this and I wish it would stop. The last thing we need is a generation of unemployed wannabe YouTube stars getting more and more desperate as they throw everyone under the bus to find their own fame, that innocent people continue to suffer in the wake of their stupid bullshit. Next time you see anything like this, say nothing, positive or negative. People like this do not deserve the accolades they are getting. 

Except, I know what you might be thinking. What if it's a real story, what if they have good proof, what if this really happened? If it did really happen and their only recourse is to comment on a clickbait article, make a blog post, or tweet a tweet...why are we making them into a hero? Why are we believing them? And since when did we reward rape victims with trophies for doing the right thing and going to the police? I'm not trying to belittle actual women who are actually assaulted, but what exactly is this thing now where we act like women are fucking heroes for getting criminals prosecuted? Because it takes strength to turn someone in? Strength that is some kind of talent or skill? Is being a decent person so hard now that when someone does do the right thing we need to reward them? Really? I've been sexually assaulted and like a normal person, I went to the cops, and at the time (this was years ago) I didn't sit around expecting a pat on the back and a reward. I didn't go around acting like I was a hero for turning in a criminal and I still don't. I don't believe I deserve anything for turning a rapist into the police. I don't believe I deserve anything for acting like a decent, rational, human being. If a woman was really raped, and there's real evidence, and there is really a court trial, by all means, offer her support, stand by that shit, but this above and beyond hero worship mentality for benign shit, whether it be a real or false accusation is fucking ridiculous. 

If we all just go back to acting like normal, rational, decent human beings who hold everyone else to a basic standard, and don't continue to act like every woman is a hero for fucking everything, then maybe things will get better. I'm entirely sure they won't get better soon, in fact they are going to get far worse before they get better, but I wish that wasn't the case and I shudder to think about how bad things might get before we as a society realize how badly we've fucked things up by encouraging this behavior in the first place.