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Angry, Obsessed, and Delusional [The Fannibals Are Still At It]

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There have been about 5 different people constantly on my ass for years now trying to "destroy" me because they don't like my cosplay or opinions about Hannibal. Like how it's not going to have a season four, because it's not. These five women (three of them are considerably older than I am and in their 40s) have taken it upon themselves to attempt to destroy my life in defense of not only a fictional TV show (NBC'S Hannibal) but in the defense of a criminal scam artist known as Jennifer Cornet.

GrubHub: The Worst Place To Work For

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The pay for GrubHub is actually very good and in a perfect world where the company actually knew how to run itself and wasn't awful, it would be a great job. A fun job. Not a problem. Except, this isn't a perfect world and literally everyone who works at GrubHub in any capacity is an idiot. I've tried to deal with this stuff for quite a few months, mostly because the pay rate was good enough that I could put up with some minor incompetence on the part of GrubHub but enough is enough so let's start from the top. 

Addiction Isn't A Choice It's A Physical Problem

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The past few days I've run into a couple different posts across social media of a bunch of idiots whining that addiction is a choice. Well as a recovering addict let me tell you how incredibly wrong and ignorant that is. Not to mention, science actually supports what I'm about to say so buckle up because I know these people who don't understand the difference, don't like facts. 

Stop Positive Reinforcement For False Accusations

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

We live in an era where an accusation, no matter how stupid can and will be believed. An era where even the most poorly constructed allegation stories can make a girl famous if they get enough attention. Famous enough for her to start her own channel, twitter, website, whatever and profit from telling said story. We live in an era where young women know this, and far too many of them are driven to find a way into internet stardom, to a point where they don't care whose lives they could or will potentially ruin as long as they get their fifteen minutes of fame…